The Secret key to your happiness

The Secret Key to Happiness is just deciding that you will be happy now no matter what it is. Just choose, even if you have no reason to be happy, get it up, imagine it. Make a decision that you will be happy somehow or another.

"I will be happy if I do not, or if I do not see the person, or if I do not talk to that guy, or if I have a hot bath in the morning or if I play this music or if I see a face him in the morning or if I go to work from work today. "So you decide what makes you happy. You can find happiness everywhere, you have to explore it.

Good day. This is a great technique for happiness

o I want to be happy today [19659002] I want to feel good today

o No matter where I am, no matter what I am, no matter what I am will be happy today

o I want to be grateful today

o I want to be sincere today

o I want to do things that make me happy today

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) says that positive & self-talk & # 39; is the best exercise for personal development. If you can keep up with your thoughts for up to 70 seconds, the vibration is strong enough for the animation to begin.

So, let's focus on "I want to be happy today". Try it, it works


Happiness – How to Maximize Enjoyment and Joy!

You are a diamond.

I've always said that every person was a diamond hidden in the ground. The beginning of a personal development process is to dig up the diamond and clean up the mud, get rid of negative emotions, negative self-esteem and negative thinking. Most previous articles in the emotional championship have cleared dirt, now it's time for something positive.

Finding true satisfaction

Happiness. What everyone is chasing for. The final goal of all we do. New car, new hot boyfriend, handsome husband, money, latest hardest sport, latest fashion? Are they goals in themselves? Probably not. What are we looking for in these things or people? Happiness.

How do we enjoy every moment? How do we increase our satisfaction? How do we feel truly alive? There are many ideas about this, here I will discuss what has worked for me – how I went from a depressed, angry person to happy happiness.

The body is not a machine, it's your temple

I think there's an existing tendency to treat your body like a machine. This trend is everywhere, from television shows to the doctor in the gym to the company. Make X reps on this built-in shortcut of Y kilo. Put this in your body to counteract pain, do this to counter these diseases. Put this in the body to have fun.

The body is not a machine, though it may be like one. It's your temple. Although the body is not yours, it's a big part of you and your life. But many neglect it for other things – their career or a good evening out sometimes. You must take care of it. This is hard to do and I'm guilty of this once but you have to experiment.

This is a simple common sense, but given how many unhealthy, unfit people are out there and how many people abuse it, it's worth saying again. Take care of your body.

Health is a pleasure; It's no good to have another luxury if you're not healthy to enjoy it.

Now, on a fun part. The body is also a source of pleasure. It gives you pleasure and is the source of joy. Read on.

Looking at the wrong places

When I was just from my youth, I used to congratulate all kinds of ways. Including some of the extremes that many others went to – drugs, sex, alcohol, fast cars and extremists. (I suppose boxing and punching in my head is a special sport – I have never tried to jump or jump.)

At the beginning of the twentieth century, I tried some "mature" activities – constant boyfriend, romantic cruises along the beach, jazz music, night in the living room with the boys.

Do they window? Yes. They raised my happiness, but it's all temporary. People have a "set point" happiness. Certain events and assets, such as unexpected winds, may rise or drop for a while, but soon we will return to our settings. The key is to raise the set point as well.

Why does this only work temporarily?

They Make You Feel Really Alive

It's a common theme in everything I've described above. Almost everyone has tried to find satisfaction and happiness with these. They make you all the life alive, that you are doing something unusual. You feel alive and alive and time looks like a warp. Sometimes time is very slow. Sometimes you wonder where the hours went.

I do not say everything they are bad (drugs are); but the rest is fine – assuming you do it in law and in moderation.

The reasons people experience is better or better than others are because:

a) It's exclusive – does not happen often.

b) Facilities: Someone (community, television, peer pressure) told them it's going well.

c) The feeling is great.

It's probably more than they are all similar. These reasons, which are artificial distinctions made in your mind, stand between you and bliss. Remove them, and you would be as happy wash dishes as you are to love!


Let's deal with exclusive first. This feeling is artificial intelligence! You must realize that every moment is unique and exclusive, because when it's gone, it will never return. We just think that certain moments are special because we do not experience much, or we paid a lot of money to achieve it, or it happens only once a year, or something. This distinction is something that is created by your mind.

Social Status

Next is the situation. What's the difference between finding the keyboard and the mouse at your fingertips and finding the skin of your lover with your fingertips?

What's the difference in wind when you're in your yard and the wind when you're fastest down the road in the second half million dollar convertible sports car?

These are all artificial intelligence as well. You think it's better when you find winds in a sports car for a myriad of reasons. – Social status, how rare it is, how much better is your car next to other cars on the road, how many hot blondes look at you as fast as you can?

Would you feel good if you drove down the motorway in the same car every day for ten years and the same people look at you for ten years? I'd get sick of it, but again Hugh Hefner does not. I do not know. (I've read that he's really depressed, though it makes some guys better.)

The Feelings

Finally, the real feeling you experience. For most people, certain feelings are more enjoyable than others. Soft silk sheet will feel better than rough. Even in sex, everyone has certain wishes in affiliates, places and so on.

Again, these emotions are made ready by your mind! There will be people who have a rough sheet and not a silk sheet. There will be women who want Jack Black over Brad Pitt, and over and over again!

Your mind has worn certain things in the "wonderful" category, some in the "super" category and others in "dreary", "never again!" and so on. Other people have broken the same things into different categories. There is no specific rule of what is good or what's bad.

Happiness and pleasure all start in your mind

Others have traced certain attributes to certain actions. For example, some people can acquire precise sex, and they take pleasure in the close and not actual act of sex itself. Others get pleasure from sex just from physical feelings. Again, there is something totally made up of your mind.

If you want close sex, imagine remembering that he or she has betrayed you before. Most likely, pleasure will disappear immediately. But what has changed? Nothing except your perception of the event, inside your mind!

One Way To Get Happiness And Pleasure

So: If all happiness and happiness start in mind; How do you get into this state of mind? By opening all the senses and the feeling with all your body.

Let me explain further. I believe that parachute jumping gives you a rush because for those very wonderful moments your senses have all been turned to the maximum. It encourages you to use all your senses. It opens the senses in a way that they have never used before in your daily life – and therefore they feel special to you.

Very nice to wash your dishes!

If you open all the senses all the time, will not it have the same effect? All the colors will look more alive. Every feeling will be fresh. When you wash your hands you will find the water over your skin as you have never experienced before. It will look like the water from a waterfall in an exotic holiday resort. You will find the heat during the summer, you will find the cold in winter, and you will find everything much better and enjoy it.

Note: This does not apply to something that is physically painful – it is about other articles in the emotional masterpiece Urban Monk.

Take a page of meditation – you are informing yourself

Meditation can be classified into several different types. Some empty the mind. Some emphasize their awareness of one thing (their spirit or spiritual image for example). Another category is to increase your awareness and your senses as much as you can and this is what you are doing. Unless you're doing it 24 hours a day, and that's maximizing your enjoyment!

And more, meditation has been used as one way of giving up just about all the main ideas of thought or religion in the world. By maximizing your happiness, do you actually consider 24 hours a day and take steps toward enlightenment and free from pain and sorrow!

I'm not informed (yet hehe) but I've noticed serious lasting changes to the mood and happiness of the day since I've started practicing. Much has been written elsewhere about other mental and physical benefits of meditation as well.

Raise Your Baseline Happiness

Remember the foundation of "setpoint" happiness I spoke about? The best way to increase happiness is not seeking temporary joy. Instead, I recommend meditation to increase your happiness. Of all the methods I have tested, meditation has had the best effect.

I have read countless other methods but can not write about them, because I have not tried them enough to recommend them. When I get to them, and they work, make sure you know about them.

What about satisfaction?

Now on the pleasure of temporary events. There is nothing wrong with them, despite everything we have talked about. There are many ways to increase this happiness.

In an older order to overcome pain, the main thing was to remove you from pain. It's not you, there's something inside you. Watch it. Make the change from "I'm in pain" to "It's a pain in me". Check what effect it has on the body, check what it's like; just watch it, do not judge it, or respond to it. (Read the row again if you do not know what I am talking about).

I did a little experiment – I tried to make it funeral. Surprisingly, it actually reduces the pleasure. My little attempt was sex – so I left the information in my imagination.

But try it next – no matter what it is: It's separate from you. Try not to see it as "I feel good!" But rather, "There is happiness inside my body." See if it works for you and if it does not happen, you're still good!

This must also go

"This must also be", a testimony that is often said to someone who is in pain or suffering. It helps to reduce pain. By telling the man, the pain will not last forever, and it's only fluid, the man no longer knows the pain. There is another way to help them make the change from "I'm in pain" and "It's a pain in me."

What about using the same happiness from temporary events? For example, if you see flowers and it's beautiful, do you feel prompted to eradicate it and take it home with you? If you see a beautiful sunset, do you want to take it with your camera so it lasts longer? If you find a dream lover one night, do you try to keep him or her forever?

Beauty disappears when you try to capture it forever. If you look at the flowers you've taken every day you might get sick of it, or you may no longer find it beautiful. You may call it unanswered or have another theory of why this is so; but I think trying to keep happiness reduces it.

Knowing that happiness and pleasure from temporary events will take place soon lets you open your senses and enjoy being at the moment. Your attention is no longer moved by thinking about how to capture it, you simply allow everything to be and the joy deepens.


The New Happiness Research – Will Wealth and Youthfulness Make You Happily?

For the first time in human history, social scientists are researching what makes people happy. This article provides an insight into what the studies indicate for happiness, especially the effects of money and age.

Based on the results of the study, joy is not always what it's crazy to be! Or at least the keys to happiness may not be what we thought they were. Well, I suppose it depends on what you thought they were.

Okay, what do you think of age and money (and release marital status)? Do this matter in our quest to be happy?


Let's look at the richest first, as it appears to be on top of all the list. Do you have wealthier happiness than others?

Many people think money will make them happy, that the salary will be high or the winning lottery will solve their problems. We often spend money we do not have on materials that we hope will enable us to feel better.

The truth is, income has only little effect on happiness. For the most part, the winner will only produce a temporary increase in one happiness, but that's all.

Research shows that wealthy people are generally happier than poor, but not much. Unbelievable, right? We are talking about our untamed citizens.

Auður has a headache. It can lead to excitement and anxiety associated with money management. A rich man must take care not to waste or lose his destiny and sometimes to keep family members and friends away from the stash.

Some studies analyzed disposable income and their impact at ease. Surprisingly, even when disposable income increased significantly, quality of life was still about!

If you make money first and think it will solve your problems, please go back to the drawing board. Research indicates that people who value money in advance of other goals are less satisfied with their lives.

If resources do not make people happier, why do so many people go to such extremes to catch their hands on green things?


What about age? Are you young? Or are older people happier?

Okay, this is interesting. The study indicates that happiness tends to be fairly stable over age divisions.

In other words, if you're definitely happy in the thirties, you're likely to be still happy in the sixties and eighties, even if you have new health issues related to aging. Nobody likes to grow old. Yet, many are still happy and important in the twilight years.

Marital status

Married people tend to be the healthiest and happiest in their entirety. Daily friendship and fellowship seems to be very useful. Married people have a good support system. They tend to have sex more often than unmarried people and to have sex regularly linked to more happiness. I hope it does not surprise anyone!

Other factors, such as optimism, goals and religious relationships, relate to happiness and research are made on additional factors. It will take time for the water to clear, since the happiness (subjective well-being) literature is so young.

What about personality?

This could be the biggest surprise of all of all. Your personality has a lot to do with how much you have thought about.

Personality is something that forms early in life and is fundamentally stable throughout life. We have little control over it, but it has a lot to do with our happiness or lack of them.

Extroverts tend to be happier than introverts. Those who enjoy the societies of others and have good social skills tend to be happier. People who spend a lot of time alone or isolating explain more depression and lower satisfaction with their lives.


Does this not affect the power of relationships? It is always wise for us to embrace our relationships. Research clearly shows that relationships meet us and give us an incentive to live. No one was meant to be an island, so if you're hiring one's cut, go out and meet new friends. And keep meeting new friends for the rest of your life.

When you give your relationships or help others, you'll feel deep and everlasting pleasure and good things will come back to you.

Want some fun? Ask your friends and collections that make people happy. See if they know that wealth and age are big flops, but marriage, personality and relationships are real winners.


Happiness – Your purpose in life

We live in information life which is a glorious time to live. The world is full of so much abundance, but so many people choose to be dissatisfied.

Happiness is really a choice and people in a bitter condition do not like hearing it.

When you're down look like the whole world is against you. Anything that could possibly go wrong does. When you are constantly emphasizing how bad everything is then it will be even worse. If you think if it could not get worse, then it does somehow.

The only way you can change your life or ride around is to focus on something that gives you joy. Turn on the music you want and immediately you'll feel better. Try to smile at you while looking in the mirror and you'll feel a little bit better. If it's a child you love to leave, spend time with them. If you have a dog, cat or other animal lover you love then spend time with them. If you wash your car, go and do it.

If you really want a way to prove happiness and happiness, think about what makes you feel good. You can never find happiness by focusing on a permanently negative problem (something you're worried about). Concern is like organizing your future.

If you have a concern that you are concerned with, focus on what you want to do in your favor, instead of what can go wrong.

If you are being evicted from your property for two weeks, you can still turn around someone around you. Do not focus on being evicted. Instead, focus on knowing somehow that things turn around and expect you to find a way.

If you lose $ 150,000 in the stock market, focus on prosperity and lack of it.

Anything that can lead you down can be reversed if you try to think about happy thoughts.

This will not be easy at first but if you really want happiness in your life then you have to learn the art to feel good.

If you've lost loved ones, you can not bring them back to life, but what you need to know is that they're still alive. They are spirits and so are you. Spirit is something that can not die. It continues forever. The only thing that can make you feel good at this point is to find what you're going through. If you feel like crying then weep as much as you want. Perhaps some might want to let go of your sadness, but the only thing that might make you feel better is to feel bad. If you are in this position then embrace your feelings.

You're a spiritual being and it's time to remember who you really are. The fastest way to happiness is to stop and be grateful for whatever you have or had.

Happiness, peace and joy, your gods are granted rights.

You are here on this planet solely to find your bliss and only you can guide yourself to wherever you want to go.

Follow your bliss and keep on finding a better feeling.


The success of happiness

Positive psychological movement has taken place in recent years, and in 2007, Professor Harvard and Israel wrote Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar's book Happier explaining why we are not happier, despite the fact that be richer The good news is that he also offers a number of practical suggestions to achieve a happier state of mind.

I have used his ideas successfully to customers who announce to run through life without purpose and I want to share them with you:

Tip 1 ]: For four consecutive days, think and write down when you've experienced life like a hamster on a toboggan (rat). do what you want (hedonist) give up on everything (nihilist); and when you like it and were happy. Spend 15 minutes with just one topic every day. On the fifth and sixth day, repeat the exercise of another nihilistic and merry experience. Be open and honest to yourself about your thoughts and feelings.

Tip 2 : Spend 15 minutes each day by doing some kind of pregnancy or relaxation. This can simply count the breath from 1-10 every time you breathe out; or do an independent hypnosis or tensing and relaxing the muscles from head to toes. When you have a disturbing thought, simply accept it and then breathe your attention back to breath.

Tip 3 : Visit the website of Dr. Martin Seligman and pretty good. Take the VIA Character Strength Test and be creative about how you can use your five best strengths in your daily life.

Tip 4 : Exercise for at least 20 minutes each day. Pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know last year, clinical trials showed that cardiovascular surgery performed regularly was as effective as antidepressants for mild to moderate depression. You will pay for a "runner" of leakage in the brain … and it's free.

Tip 5 : Find something that brings you PLEASURE and gives you meaning and works it somehow in your day. We need to participate in moderately difficult actions that are meaningful, to bring us a sense of happiness and happiness, both now and in the future. Setting up your feet and doing nothing with all your free time is not the recipe to have a good time.

Tip 6 : Write lettering to people who have had a beneficial effect on your life. Not only will you feel good about this exercise, but they also want. Just think how well it would be to get a letter like this.

Tip 7: RITUALIZE – When you discover what gives you a sense of satisfaction and meaning, do something about it every day, be writing, practicing, playing with your children, and doing little work on at home, or have friends, even if it's only half an hour. This might sound three times, but that's the only thing people often do not do. Try it – you like the results.

Further information, read Happier by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, or Authentic Happiness by Dr. Martin Seligman.