18 plans to strengthen you in 2018

It's time. Time to strengthen us so that we can fly all over the country. We are called to step up, stand up and make changes.

What I truly believe is the more we honor our sensitivity and compassion, the more sensitivity and compassion we will lead to our sometimes unacceptable world. Too often it's the sensitive soul that lives in the background. It's time to care for the beauty and love within all of us.

It's time for direct sensitivity.

Here are 18 ways to help you find more power this year and beyond.

Clear your food – Eat clean, green and lean. Detoxification of the system, excess sugar, caffeine, alcohol and carbohydrates, which will weaken your system.

Boosting the Immune System – Use herbs and superfoods like astragalus, hibiscus, maca, green drinks, shiitakes, burdock, probiotic foods and umeboshi plums. Everyone will help to strengthen your privacy.

Strengthen your goals – By giving and making too many, you will emptied your power. Make clear, healthy limits of time and space. If you accidentally find yourself free of charge, take one at a time and start with a simple one.

Meditate Every morning – Morning Meditation helps you strengthen yourself throughout your day.

Clear your self-esteem – Negative self-esteem will weaken your breath. Here you can clean it: Get the pen and paper. In the left-hand column, write down a list of negative things you usually say to yourself. In the right column, write a list of corresponding positive answers that you can tell yourself instead. Practice your positive answers.

Challenge yourself – Open challenges. Expand your limits. Do not be afraid to be a beginner or make mistakes. The more you challenge yourself, the more you will become, and the more you get!

Practice your core – The third chakra, the abdominal area, is our power station. The more you practice it, the more focused and powerful you find. Try yoga, pilates, sit-ups, crunches and / or other exercises that strengthen your essence.

Clear your energy system – Use an EFT tap to clear unwanted feelings. EFT-taping works to clear power congestion, which makes it easier for you to access your unknown power.

Create Foster, Strengthen Practices – Incorporate Nutrition, Strengthen, Habits In Your Daily Life. How do you start the day? How will you help you enjoy and participate in the day? How do you finish the day, so you sleep well and wake up refreshingly?

Surround yourself by encouraging people – Stay around people who will help you build yourself when you're down and who will inspire your strength, talents and dreams.

Make a Media Box – There is a lot of toxicity in the news these days. Too much of it can find decomposition, wearing and overwhelming. Allow detox by limiting your exposure, turn off notifications, change the channel. Decide how and when you will get the news. Stay in control.

Make something you're passionate about – Get involved in your passion! Whatever they are! Read, write, play music, sing, create art, volunteer, talk up, take yourself. Turn on your feelings find the sense of true power.

Do something awesome – It does not have to be big scary. Somewhat scary will do it. What I hear about most of my clients (and myself) is the great relief that comes from getting it over. And often it's not as bad as we thought. The best part is that you will feel more power, with renewed courage.

Watching a Inspiring Movie – Watch a true documentary about someone who encourages you. Use inspiration to express yourself in a bold new way.

Request Help – Requesting assistance can be very supportive. If you need help, contact a trusted friend, coach, counselor or therapist. We can not do everything alone – we will be much more powerful when we work together.

Get a guarantor – Ask a friend or colleague to assist you in committing self-esteem. The more you meet your obligations, the more you have power.

Create a list of words – Create a list of words that give sense of self-esteem, or describe how you want to feel. For example, use words like: productive, courageous, prosperous, imaginative and strong. Put these words around your space so you'll see them on a regular basis.

Listen – Listen to what causes you. Music. Radio. Podcasts. Reflections. There is a lot of inspiration out there in the sound waves.

Do what strengthens you. Release what's missing you. The world needs your light.

Happy 2018!

In courage,



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