3 The greatest benefits of strengthening

Strength is a business club that has been around for a long time and is still surprisingly misunderstood. Some people see what managers lead to employees feeling like they have power when they do not, and make it more of "now you have the power to do as you've said". But true strength can change the entire business and achieve great things. Good executives and leaders understand that real commissions mean sharing their power with the people over what they have authority. When individuals and team members believe that they have the power to make decisions that were previously divorced only to management, they become committed and employed.

The 3 Benefits

There are three major benefits of empowerment that work: Ideas, Synergy and Ownership. Let's review this:

Ideas: The old expression "two heads is better than one" was never used more appropriately than in these situations. When employees consider themselves able to offer ideas and suggestions can do much things, and often happen, happen. One of my favorite judgments came from an employee of a clothing company that added to the "gravity born". Now it sounds a bit of a fancy, but all the inventions really enjoy being a basin. In the large clothing company, the clothes were formed on the second floor and cutting machines were on the first floor. This inevitably means that when a new pattern was needed, someone had to run from first floor to another to apply a pattern. When a single employee proposed to create a "laundry room" to deliver a pattern, the team was working to put the idea into action. Not only did the system save all precious time, but everyone enjoyed making suggestions and looking at the idea of ​​living.

Synergy: Synergy is defined as "two or more units that work together to achieve greater impact than individuals can do by themselves". When the employee in the above stories put his idea first in words, others jump to board to implement the project. Someone even thought of a box in structure, another said to feed the receiver box with a foam to protect the pattern and another came a pronounced name to put on the door. And then, "independent center of gravity transmission" was born out of a single group of employees. Because the choice of this system was to transfer a large printer on the first floor and build a new space for it, it goes without saying that the company has saved tons of money!

Ownership: Strength gives employees ownership of a project or plan. This, in turn, creates the desire to engage in, interest and commitment to the success of the company. The team in the example above had this task and was decided to see it through. When employees do not own ownership, they have no interest or desire to submit new ideas.


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