Acquisition – power to change

There is nothing certain about life but death and taxes …

Physical death, so far, is invincible. Everyone has started from dust and dust that we will return. Taxes are obligations under the Constitution for the community to survive. Two realities no one in the voice of his mind would disagree. Imagine the world if people had immortality. Imagine the bones that wander around us. Imagine the mess that it would lead us to. Well, with any kind of system we have – people had to come and go, take the entrance and stop, say hello and goodbye.

It's good to have fun in movies, divorce in marriage, death in existence and period after this sentence. All these and more bought about our reality. We have such a short period of existence, so we need to make the most of it. For each level of life is regular. It is a period of sowing. The growth is included. Fruits, decay.

We were born helpless as newborn children. We were subject to adult care. We grow into adulthood, glowing until we can slowly settle down to earth. We have been equipped with our education with recommended knowledge and skills, but unfortunately many victims of pure ignorance fell. Some are types to believe they were scratching chickens as they are actually flying arches that can soar the top. Others are made to believe as toys instead of authors, as children believe that they were the parent of the clones to maintain their ambition.

Others think they are stupid because they are actually thinking philosophers or silent geniuses. The list is endless. You can add to make it wide.

With this forgiven condition of existence, enough should be our mantra. Enough of this situation. Enough of these features. Enough of this midnight. Instead, let everything be a tool for truth. Truths are abundant. Only we need to set our goal wide and open. Then our hearts will tell us the truth.

Therefore, let's not continue to investigate the wrong actions of the past, unknown beyond us. Let us begin to ease enlightenment. A man, a woman and a child must begin to turn on the candles themselves to plow the field into a black night of ignorance and reach an enlightened life. Let us declare independence from slavery ignorance, appearance and the like. Let us start our own battle for personal benefit and society. Let us be humanitarian and exalted with a human spirit greater than the present. Let us do our mission with power to change!


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