Acquisition – Problem ownership = Foreign runner

Later, I was working with leaders who had difficulty with their employees to influence their jobs. Down (not his real name) was frustrated. "I do not understand!" he stammered. "I assign tasks, keep track of them while completing tasks, keep them responsible for dates and promise them when the project is done well. I'm ready to pull my hair out (ironically he was a foolish challenge)".

We discussed a little more about how he does things. As Ned was describing his European technology, something became for me. When he assigned a job, he took great pain to describe the project, what the deliverables had to look like and when it had to be done. What Ned failed to do was clearly shape the underlying problem that he was trying to solve. He would rather assign the project to an employee, get the work product, and then use the job manufacturer to solve the problem. In the meantime, the employee was working to ensure that she did not fully understand how to do it or how it was used to solve problems. When Ned and I discovered the case, he was able to change his focus from entrusting tasks to hide problems that had a positive impact on how the employees felt about their jobs.

Strength – Ownership Issue = Errand Runner

Being responsible for completing a project is an important part of completing things; but when it's done without the problem, the one who does the job is only running for someone else who is responsible for solving the problem. This not only results in the adequacy of the work for foreign runners, but also significantly increases the likelihood that working goods will not contribute to the solution. A foreign runner is one step removed from the problem and is throwing darts on a dart board in a pitch-black room.

The nugget here is simple: Authorities problem not just a task. It's very important that your team not only understand what needs to do, but why is important for the project to be done and what will the work relieve as a result. You will get a better workforce, develop a more institution and strengthen yourself to get more done.


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