Acquisition – with words

Understanding the Power of Word and Expression is a powerful and reinforcing awareness. It is challenging to explore our practices in terms of words and phrases we use, but it is also exciting.

There are many words and phrases that are used without bearing in mind the full meaning or effect. They are simply used because they have been recognized as common knowledge, multicultural languages ​​for culture or nationality and a convenient way of expressing thought. While our ideals can progress, our language holds some sentences that adversely affect our well-being. Such phrases as:

o Boys do not cry ……. Boys have feelings too until someone tells them they should not.

o Do not be sissy ….. Boys need to work out their feelings as much as girls.

o Boys become boys … Children become children and watch adults to set limits and provide guidance on & # 39; What to do. & # 39;

o Concerned child ……… Children who are rarely treated with reaction respond to anxiety.

o Happy child ………… Reward is important, but it has to be special.

o Lazy children …………. Children are very motivated, they need to be suggested and encouraged – age and experience appropriate.

o Children's Problems …….. Children are never the problem. & # 39; The parent has to learn to be a parent that the child needs – not the opposite.

o Prevent the child …… Same explanation as above.

o Rebellious child ….. Same explanation as above.

o Illegal Child ….. Everyone is a child of God – how can the child be illegitimate?

o When you have become a full mom – you must ___…. This statement suggests that girls need to be a mother to have a self-esteem. Healthy statement is – What do you want to do to earn money when you get older or graduate from college?

o What do you want to be when you grow up? …. This question implies that there is no one until he has a mark – ie. doctor, lawyer, employee, truck driver, etc.). Healthy question is – What do you want to do to earn money when you grow up or graduate at college?

o You should / should not …… If you / I want______, you / I need to ___.

o You must / will ……….. if you / I want____. You / I need to ____.

o Why did you do / why did not you …… Ask questions: when, what, where, who, what, how?

o You are always ……… You are usually____ or Ordinarily_____.

o you never ……….. you rarely____.

o If only ______________ In the future, if ______please______ or consider ____.

o yes, but _____ ………………… Copy what you heard (pause – take a deep breath.) Give an explanation. Avoid giving excuses.

While these phrases are used without harmful intentions, they are normally negative. Children are particularly vulnerable to such sentences, which may be with them for a lifetime that adversely affects their self-esteem and underlines their self-esteem. If the person fails to acknowledge their negative impact, they will pass on to the next generation – the greatest sin of all. Once you know the negative effects of the words and phrases, you can make a positive change by choosing to use validation and positive words / phrases.

Language is the easiest and most effective way to use us for free, creating a positive change in the world around us, simply by carefully selecting the words we use. It may look like a little unthinkable thing, but our words have a ripple effect, like a stone thrown into a pond. People naturally understand how others talk, consciously or unconsciously, changing the way they speak to respond. You do not need to take an active part in influencing people; It takes place without even thinking about it. All you have to do is choose to be more conscious and more conscientious, exclude words and phrases that are hack-knee, unacceptable or harmful. You can create new sentences that carry positive and love to replace the old one.

You may know sentences that you want to eliminate from your language / vocabulary. Now that you're thinking about it, you can notice more. As you consciously decide not to use these words / phrases, you can feel lighter and merry, knowing that you have chosen to drop luggage that was delivered to you from less consciousness. As you do, you raise the language / vocabulary for future generations, who would thank you if they knew the gift you gave them.


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