Anyone special keep your happiness hostage?

What is happiness? When will we actually achieve or achieve real happiness? I think nobody really has the answer to these questions and those who have given us answers, get the answers to interpretation. But we all have an understanding of what happiness is, what this feeling is, what it causes inside us and how it makes us see beauty and glory in everything and everyone.

Many of us believe that real happiness will only come into our lives when we find this true person we love, who loves us and is our ultimate soulmate. I personally used to think in this way too, that my entire problem, dissatisfaction and unhappiness would have gone if I managed to find the perfect girl for me. Let's be honest. So many of us really believe that if we can find the perfect one, then all the happiness in the world will rush into our lives and we'll always live happily … just like the perfect Disney story.

It's almost everyone who is hidden or sometimes shown, a subjective desire to have something special in his life. And I think it's great. It's great really. It's our native, natural goddess, so it's great for us to be open about it and not hide it.

The Problem

The problem arises when we begin to think that happiness will come to us only when we find someone is right, this happiness will only show itself in all glory when we are in touch with them. And this is where things begin to fall apart.

By thinking in these terms, like this. We end our happiness because something is beyond our control system. Like the weather. You can not control weather and you simply can not control when you're going to meet the right person. Consider this; What are the chances of Disney style and happy always after & # 39; happen in real life? 1 in 1000? Based on reality, it's more like 1 in 1,000,000 (million). Do you really want to put happiness on something that's similar? Now I'm not saying that perfect couples do not exist. I just say it's a rare occurrence and instead of waiting for opportunities for a rarity in your life. You should learn to live for your own happiness.

You can not continue to keep you alive and happy and think happiness will only happen when you find this special person. Look inside you … DEEP inside you and many of you could find that you keep your happiness with guests consciously or probably subconsciously. Do you really want anything else than yourself, to be in control of your happiness? Not me.

The solution

Is the solution? I mean, this is natural and built. We can not deny our normal tendency to expect and look forward to happiness we see in the future, being with that special person. I agree. But the key here is looking forward to the future, but not suffering because of it, in modern times. You can not live your life by "unpacking" & # 39; for the excuse that happiness will come only when you meet Prince / princess fascinating. & # 39; Do not be so shallow and naive or rather in many cases LAZY. You can not give in faith that one event / person is the primary source of happiness in your life. The things do not work that way and that's a great part about it !!

You do not need a reason to be happy. It's all built-in. It is natural of creatures. The innate soul, the spirit in you, is to be happy. It makes me sad to think that most of the world has been described (read programmed) thinking that you need reason to be happy.

What To Do Next

My dad used to say that if you love what you do then everything will automatically come to you in abundance and these charges for the right person too come in in your life. So start living your life. It's like the song of TI – live your life. Just live your life and do what you know would give you lasting fulfillment. Get a new job, do music, write a book, dance, travel around the world, meet new people (usually the best for a lot of reasons), go to the horticulture, fashion design … Do something that makes you happy and have it COURAGE to do it.

Make things in life that naturally make you happy regardless of what others say. You do not need approval or any permission to be happy and do what you love. By doing what the challenge is, inspiring you and informing you, you fulfill the soul and open up to the universe and everything else, even then someone will come into your life. 🙂


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