Automatic Control

Book of Life …

The author of our life began to write as soon as the seed was planted and we were formed. I have talked to many people about their need to write and publish books, you know, the story of their lives. Most people say they can not or they do not know where to start. I tell them to start within … what you think is what you express, our lives are a ready-made pen that writes our destiny as we live.

I'm a pen ready writer who writes a way into victory or defeat. Revenue is for the individual. Everything is determined by what he thinks about himself or how he feels about his life. Do you want to agree? Yes, I believe in a life filled with purpose or even a person who thinks they have something to share with others can become an author. You could be born in the projects or promising circumstances, do not feel bad about it – write about it! Perhaps drugs have been a problem you've experienced. You only got it because you have the chance to overcome it, drop your raise through the beast you conquered.

Authors fate gain power over their lives with the experiences they live and express as a writer writes his way through stories. I find that they are all the same – just words and thoughts to wake up those who say they can not write or publish a book to understand that as long as you have written that you have been writing a story. You only needed someone to realize that your life is important!

Standing …

Be strong like a tree planted on a river basin and trust the fountain that will never leave nor forget me. He is my guardian, guardian and goalkeeper. Even through my experience, I can count on him. He is a good shepherd who describes the path of days that have been dark and lonely.

He speaks and those who belong to him hear what he is saying. Whenever I have been a rebel or inseparable, he has used his own way of convincing me to change and never get lost. It called the correction that has given birth to more love and less hate in me today. A good shepherd said to me, "Choose today what champion you want to lead you through your days?" I said, "Dear sir, it's one love, one power, only you!" Everything is good. "I will continue to stand in this place and listen and trust yourself in the daily bread every hour of the day. As a tree planted, I will stand and never depart from what you have given me.


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