Automatic Control

This article will take you to the spiritual floors you want. Each of you reading will gain authority by following the simple steps that I describe below.

Now I want to take you through an incident that has occurred sometime. A man came to me and he was in a state of illness all distracting and basically basing without hope. I spoke to him and I told him to hide nothing from me and hide nothing from Almighty because he knows what is reflected in your heart. Keep faith in him and you will safely navigate your concerns.

He asked me how have I started. I told him you've ever heard or experienced prayer power. He had a very confused look on his face and he said prayer power? I pray to the Lord but my situation does not change.

I told him my dear brother, try to ask how I will teach you.

I want you to relax and lie down on a bed or relax relaxed. You must follow the procedure below and you will see the change in your life.

1) I can do everything for God who strengthens me.
Repeat as often during the day.

2) Remember, you only need to conquer if you're ready to be. This chapter teaches you "will" and "to be". (Verification).
In the morning and sleep at least 10 times, I want you to repeat the above.

3) If God is for me then who can be against me.
Repeat as often during the day.

4) If I have faith, nothing will be impossible until you.

Next chapter, we will deal with self-reliance and a few related issues.


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