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Correct Position : Attitude defines who you are. I mean attitude is all. But first, let me define what attitude means. Attitude is how you see things, how you see things. Now I ask you why some are good and some are not? Again, the answer is a big font A. That's because we do not have the same attitude. Attitude is the point of view of the individual towards a certain extent and a way to say and do things. That's how you look up things, always be a positive thinker. Another thing is that you have to empty your cup all the time because if your ball is full you will never learn. Empty your cup and never stop learning. That's the key to success.

Now, I have something to ask you. When it comes to change, are you spider or lion?


Do you like the spider and wait to come to you or go out and catch the opportunity like the lion? When it comes to changes in the workplace, we need to have the attitude of the lion. If we sit back waiting to see what happens, we will usually be disappointed. It's an old saying that "good things come to those who wait" but today we have to remember that the only thing left for those who wait is the remaining ones of those who are hiding!


In the jungle, the hustlers are the lion. They are the kings of the jungle for good reason. If you want to be the king of the workplace jungle, you need to learn the difference between spiders and lions. The lion is prey and the spider is a reaction. So what do these terms mean?


A persistent person is the one who understands that they control what happens to them in life. They take initiative and are responsible for their own actions. Preventive self-esteem does not affect what others think. Preventive people are driven by their value.


The reactions are made with "wait and see" attitudes. They do not make decisions or act actively but act on decisions and actions of others. They are easily influenced by the behavior of others, and their mood is determined by how others treat them. Reactive people are driven by their feelings.

Lighthouse Attitude

When you read the Bible, there are two animals that God defines himself with. The first is the eagle of the king of the bird, and the other is the lion, the king of the animal kingdom. So, we better learn these two animals, because if God is the leader of the universe, we find out more about the nature and attitude of these animals.

The Lion has the attitude of leadership that makes him different from the other. The lion is not the tallest, not the largest, not even the heaviest and not the smartest nor craziest animal in the jungle and still the LEAD IS THE QUEEN.

Now! Tell your neighbor that there is hope for you. Even if you are not the tallest, biggest, heaviest, most intelligent or clever person; You can be leading! The lion therefore quits all your excuses for not becoming a leader. The lion thinks differently. "This sheep, which leads from a lion, can overcome the army of the lion, led by sheep!" A leader can transform warrior into violent warriors. The right kind of leadership can transform people who are timid in bold people who are fearless.


The power of faith, also known as faith, is the longest and creative force in the universe. The Bible Makes It Best "As one thinks in his heart, he is also." (Proverbs 23: 7) Think of this timeless truth when you bring new thoughtful thoughts to your mind:

what you think […]

is what you ] faithful ….

is what you will WEEK …..

Make 100% confidence in success.

"All is possible for him who believes …"

-Mark 9:23

Put 100% faith in 19659003] 1. GOD

Myles Munroe says, "If you want to know the purpose of an object, do not ask it!" If you want to know the purpose if the microphone, you do not ask the microphone, do you understand? Ask the user? Maybe, but not always reliable. Too many users have abused and misused what is hidden from them. Finally, should we not ask the manufacturer for the item? The manufacturer who designed his use, and almost always, has a maneuver that is prepared for us to guide the way.

"Then God said." Let us make a man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the earth. (Genesis 1:26)

Only one who knows the purpose is the one who did. So if you want to know your purpose, you've known God.


If you want to change your life, you need to change how you think and change what you do. Self-help, personal change, be happy: it's up to you. Nobody else.

I want to say I deserve to be,

I want to be

I can be,

I will be,

I am.

You decide. This is the first step. Self-help begins with you. Personal change begins with your understanding that is actually in your hands and your decision to do something about it. Your own self-awareness is the key to successful changes in life, success, happiness and happiness.

Let me tell you another story about "Howard, pessimistic"

Howard is a very pessimistic man; He works in a meat shop. One day he was entrusted with closing the store; He delivered all the unsaved meat in the fridge. Then he picked up an old old pillow in the back of the kitchen. He got into curiosity, unfortunately, the door accidentally closed. He tried to open it but it was locked outside, he was very scared and pessimistic that the cold in the fridge would kill him. The next day he felt dead inside the fridge. He sat on the corner of the fridge and his heart was frozen cold. The investigators were so surprised at how he died, because they were cold inside the breasts.

When Jesus went there, two blind men followed him and called, "Have mercy on us, son of David!"

When he had gone inside, the blinds came to him and asked them, "Do you believe I can do that?" "Yes, sir," they answered.

Then he touched his eyes and said: "According to you, faith will come to you"

Matthew 9: 27-29

] "Do what you believe!"

3. Your Business

It gives you the opportunity to express your creativity, talent and character.

4. Commitment


1. I will try

2. I will do my best

3. I will do what it takes

I will share another story …

"Complete the race"

At the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, the last runner to finish the marathon, was a guy from Tanzania called John Aquwary. He had fallen on the race, and he was bruised and bloody with a broken leg. Long after everyone else had finished, actually so late (19:30) that only a few thousand people were in the stadium, John came to battle with the colon. The man rose and bravely he constantly ovated when he finished the race. Later he was asked, "why did not you stop?" He said: "My country did not send me 7,000 miles around the world to start the race – but to finish the race."

I hope you learn a lot of my articles, but you really need more advice from more motivating people. Like you, I searched for different articles and books and like you, I'm dreaming and never dreaming.


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