Book review: "Zapp! The Lightning of Empowerment" by William C Byham

Zapp! is not a recent book. Indeed, it was written 21 years ago. But her vocational education ideas are very good in the daily challenging work environment.

Employee motivation is often a difficult idea to truly seize, yet one to affect and leverage. Yet, if companies are continuing to improve, as is necessary to live and succeed, everyone in the company needs to participate. Byham writes that people with this participation (those who are "zapped") have "responsibility, attribute, satisfaction in performance, authority over what and how things are done, acknowledgment of their ideas and the knowledge they" matter to the organization. "It is important to understand that this project can not be imposed or forced upon employees (called" sapped "). It is only fully achieved by strengthening them.

. These characteristics describe your workplace?

– The government is talking about doing a better job and getting only blue stars instead.

– Almost everyone gets excited about work and everyone just does enough to avoid

– When management tries to encourage employees, the results are mixed and short-lived.

– The general attitude is: Do not do anything you do not have to do. Make as little as possible.

– Nobody Is Worried About They are all afraid of change.

If so, your employees need to be "zapped." Zapp is a power that utilizes people.

Have some of these methods and programs "been rey

– Pep talks

– Job Enrichment ] – And lots of other programs

If so, you need employees to be "zapped". Zapp is the key to success for new ideas and applications. Zapp is giving power, but the Sapp is taking power.

There are three steps of Zapp:

The first step in Zapp: Stay confident. Help employees to be safe and happy at work.

2. Step Zapp: Listen and respond with sympathy. Understand their needs and concerns and do not assume you know what they are.

3. Step Zapp: Request Help. Take part in your employees in solutions. Search for ideas, suggestions and information.

And the three steps lead to Zapps Zapp: Offer help without taking responsibility. Managers need to be there for their employees, support and provide encouragement and help, but without taking the staff & # 39; work on your own or manage them.

For Zapp to work, people need:

1. Management, Maintaining Main Results (The Guidelines We Want To Go), Tracking (Ways We Know We Are Moving In The Right Direction) And Goal (Saying If We Are Yet).

2. Knowledge, including job skills, training, information and specific goals.

3. Resources, such as tools, materials, facilities and money.

4. Support, including approval, training, constant response and motivation.

It's easy to "sapp" people. But having Zapped! Workers are hard: it takes time, energy and faith that the agency is just as good as its people. If you really want continuous improvement and the opportunity to achieve your maximum goals, your business needs to get Zapped!


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