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"There's nothing wrong with you." How is the article opener? In the basic planning of the objects, the statement is as fundamental as it will be. Individuals often spend a justifiable lifetime that seeks a world of experience that is established, presented and defined by the perception that something is wrong with each one. This idea is significantly validated – perhaps fully validated – because you find this fraud in the sense of the moment you were born.

Most are born in a worldview that is illuminated. The first definition of the word fear of the web site, is "a disturbing feeling that is at risk of danger, evil, pain, etc., Whether the threat is real or imagined, …" look at the last seven words of that definition again, "… whether the threat is real or imagined …" A good 80% of the fear of a natural person is imagined: "What if this (fill in) happens – or does not happen?" Many of our imaginary fears indeed, come true because we do not look at our spiritual fears as imaginary. Because we "live" in our minds we find ourselves based on our actions, responses, and actions in the drama that evolve in our heads, causing our actions to be illuminated and, consequently, the same Fear (or fearful actions) has become the greatest factor in fulfilling imaginary negative thoughts, perceptions and ideas. To be clear is not that our fear is based on the likelihood that a scenario will occur and that's because we fear; It is because our thoughts based on fear affect our actions that increase the likelihood of what we fear to resist. In this case, the card really made up for the chicken! Basically, our fears tend to occur precisely because fear itself determines our actions that lead to experiencing the consequences of fear-inducing.

For example, you could not follow an idea because of the fear that the operation does not matter. This fear – and yes, doubt is a minority of fear – causing intrusion significantly contributes to the more idea that the goal is hard to realize! Do you see the process at work here? Certain truth is that everything that is arrogant over what has not really happened is definitely happening to your imagination! Where else is it not? Unfortunately, we forget about such a disease of endless concern that there is never a chance to really realize that if fear is not present, it's all about it.

Realizing the meaning of the spiritual world you live enables you to realize the objective actually, there's nothing wrong with you! As you are increasingly building your actions only on the thoughts that take place in the imagination that serves your well-being rather than the thoughts that emphasize it, you'll constantly find action that moves you forward and your rise in enlargement will grow well in your life.

Now the genius of this little hypothesis that stands for you: Notice in the last paragraph was nothing to try to change your thoughts or try to suppress negative thoughts, but focused on building your actions on the maker of thoughts that happen take place! The pretext would be nothing more than for you to occupy your intentions in the endless battle of trying to conquer negative or potential thoughts. However, choosing to focus more on the thoughts that appear to serve your development, forget about all the "positive / negative" thoughts! You are not expecting to change your thoughts, but you choose what thoughts you have to look at and take action! As you change the proportion of thoughts you give credibility (attention, consideration) to, you must begin to notice that you are setting up more productive actions that with their high degree of learning will feed more positive thoughts naturally! You will try to activate or accelerate the "conspiracy of good" momentum in shooting your life and affairs.

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In a neutral world, life activity is a totally positive momentum. The reason that things grow instead of inn is because life's real intention is in great expression and well-being. As you become aware of what thoughts you must take care of those who take care of your awareness, you end up fighting to resist negative thinking in being positive and simply giving your attention to positive thoughts. If you find that negative thoughts are more significant or occur at a much higher frequency than positive thoughts, it's only because negative thoughts have previously attracted your attention. Positive thoughts are definitely present and will increase when you give them more attention.

The conclusion is that when you choose to give more credence and attention to the positive thoughts, you are actually adjusting yourself to the goal of the commission of the universe itself! It's not about trying to engage in "positive thinking" of negative thinking at all; It's about using your power and choosing to consciously align with the positive thoughts that occur in your head – and each person's head – to a growing exclusion to engage in fear-based (negative) thoughts that occur because of fear-based state. In other words, it is not a negative thought in its own right that impedes freedom and accessibility – it is the energy of consideration and attention given to those who reinforce these thoughts in experience.

How old is fighting in the cold & # 39; adage danger? "Get cold. Well, where this resource is valid or not, you can safely use the principle and," Bring positive thoughts with your attention and "starve" & # 39; Negative ones by revoking credibility (attention) given to them. You create a positive momentum in your life by agreeing (adapting) with the positive thoughts that take place. Confirmation Targets creates a valid policy for your life and affair. thought it had taken place from the point of view of understanding what you are doing through this project – ie to break into what you want to promote and starve what you do not want. attention and consideration for them.

Stand up and be your own salvation. In fact, nothing is wrong with you.


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