Christian Empowerment – How to Use the Scriptures to strengthen your relationship

There are certain people that we just should not allow to participate in our lives. Is it because we are better than they? No at all. The Bible teaches us to be judges and do not tell us to judge a person for their race, sex, social status, education, financial way, physical appearance, etc. In essence, we are not judging a book by & # 39; s, only the subject within .

Proverbs 22: 24-25 Say, Do not be friends with a hot man, do not connect with one who is willing, or you can learn his way and get yourself isolated.

If a person is constantly mean, we should not allow access in our lives. Why? The average person may have a detrimental effect on our lives and the lives of others around us. If we associate with an average person, we will probably become more mean than likely.

Proverbs 13:20 says, Whosoever goes with wise men shall be wise, but a fellow mate shall be destroyed. This verse tells us that if we are wise we will seek those who are wise. It will save us from experiencing unnecessary grief. We'll go through hard times because it's just a part of life. However, we have experienced unnecessary sorrow because of bad decisions we have made. If we choose to connect with people who get lost, we will only offer harm to our lives unnecessarily.

Matthew 10: 16b – Be as wise as snakes and as tender and doves . This contrast looks like a contradiction. How can you be gentle like pigeons but as wise as snakes? What Jesus tells us is to be good for all, but to be conspicuous as a snake. Being gentle does not mean being pushed or stupid. Allow me to explain.

  • Gentle like pigeons: Have you ever followed a dope? Pigeons are referred to as a symbol of peace. Their temperament is cute. In other words, be gentle as doves means to be lack of ability to injure or be free to cause physical or mental damage.
  • Wisdom as Snakes: Being wise means being labeled with understanding of people and circumstances, having a great and unusual understanding and ability to evaluate good judgment in dealing with people and circumstances. Snake's most common self-defense is avoided. When they perceive danger, they seek security.

If you find yourself in a situation or relationship that you know in your heart does not have a positive effect, you need to remove it from it. For future reference, learn who you should allow in your life. The only way to produce positive results in our lives is to offer a positive contribution to our lives.

Be a balance of kindness and prudence. Detect and avoid danger, but do not give any provocation or violation. Be wise and harmless – always.

Do you want to do it?

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