Collecting and new perspectives by choosing what we do

I've been afraid of the hills in most of my adult life. I do not remember being afraid when I was young, but it certainly became a problem when I got older.

At the time of the following incident, I lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada near the river. This is a beautiful area that had been made in parks with miles of trails along the river. I spent a lot of time walking there, but a very steep climb between my home and the trails. Trails were built down to the rock, but I was between them and had to walk a fair distance along the highway to get to both of them.

I once went with friends trying to find another access point down the cliff. We found a way we had never seen before. It was quite close to my home, but it was very steep and very smooth as it was covered with ice cream. I was afraid. I could not go down the path. There was a clean drop on one side of the trail and very little to hold on to the other. I gave up and went to "reveal" the way down to the valley.

A few days later I decided to go for a walk. I was alone and chose to go down a new path of myself. Just the thought of it made my heart beat faster than I was determined to try it.

I got up and looked down. I prayed. I look back. It was so steep. I asked more. I did not look out of the cold, but it was probably about -25 C, but for fear. How would I get this way? I was petrified and stood at the top of the road. There was ice cream and glittering in the sun. But I just knew I had to do this for myself.

Gratitude there was nobody around to see me do my foolishness. I moved slowly and put one foot on the smooth track … so different. So I continued, one foot after the other. I went very, very slowly down the path shaking with each step, but unwavering in my goal to do it.

Every step I took was a nightmare. I went hot and cold and sweat the pearl on my forehead despite the cold. I had no idea how long it would take me to get into the rock, but I did not care. I just wanted to conquer my fear.

However, I was a real surprise!

The path fluctuates around a few scattered bushes not far from the top. I assumed it just went down the cliff, but when I finally got into the runways, I could clearly see that there were actually two ways!

One went pretty well straight down. The other meandered down on a rock at a very easy angle and it was not as bad as the other!

I was saved! At least what I found. I exercise ran down to the rock. Well, not exactly ran, but it seemed like it compared to an unusually slow frequency in the beginning.

Now you can not think this is a lot of anecdote, but I want to show that we never know what's around the corner. If you use this story as an analogy of life, you will see that we have no idea where life is going to take us or how many simple or difficult ways are to choose from … until we make a choice to try !

The goal is: We have the freedom to choose!

I could choose not to try to lead first. It would be easy for me to go one way, not as comfortable, but easier. But I chose to overcome my fear. I chose to try something I was afraid to do.

The simple way was not opened to me until after I had chosen to go ahead, no matter what and taking measures. It seems that power greater than our self comes into play as soon as we decide to move towards our goal.

I defeated my fear by choosing what I did and I liked it!

Now power!


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