Collecting Ships – Leading for the Seed – "Dad, I Need You on Human Leadership"

In the last EV, we investigated and examined the reality of being "graduated" to the next level of life without being properly prepared and permitted instead of graduate education because of being educated and not only alive but reaching success in life. We further ask the same question that many young people and young adults ask for their change from college or university, "What am I on a missionary?"

Last June we participated in and hosted various events that greeted and raised men, young, old and everyone. One special event was "Dad, I Need You, People's Summit", which wrote about some courses aimed at educating and strengthening not only fathers but future fathers, mentors and men who had biological children but were challenged to take responsibility of birth for some reason or another. I had a personally encouraging experience when I looked at people who had given hope of life and leadership, standing up and proclaiming that they would go back to work. This year, I really want to continue efforts to strengthen masculinity through "dad, i need you" masculinity through the power trading system.

In my many languages, I tell the story of the day my son Julani was born and how I was first filled with joy and excitement when I held him and looked at his little eyes. But a critical spin in history is when I get into the fact that suddenly something went wrong like tons of bricks. It was the fact that I had just been placed in a leadership position that outweighs the position I've experienced in my life. I had become a father. The truth about the matter is that before he was born, my decisions, actions and information that I had eaten myself did not decide to be targeted, strong enough and so I was not ready to "lead the seed" that I & # 39; d helped to enter the world. In that birthroom, I declared that I would be affected, grow through my affairs and embrace my purpose so that my son could see examples of leaders.

But because my decision to grow into the most influential leader came after my son's birth, it brought additional barriers, even though my new mission in life was his centerpiece. I felt I had to play in my life skills. I began to educate myself on issues such as effective communication, financial management, entrepreneurship, politics, networking, community development, mentoring, father and humanity. In the middle of learning and experiencing this revelation, where I was still a novice, I still made a lot of mistakes and miscues. I know what your thinking, "Of course Junichi, when you first learn what you are going to make mistake … you." But the reality is that because my son was already born, this mistake responded to the consequences he and I both suffered from suffering. Look at this counterpart.

It's like I'm an athlete, who's running a 100-meter rush. I can clearly see the line line every time I run, whether it's actual or actual. But every time I drive, I have to carry a carton of eggs in my hand that can not be broken. Now I'm determined to finish the race, but I always need to consider the protection of a carton of eggs while I'm driving. Sometimes I have to divide the eggs in my hand, carry it with both hands, put it under my arm or even hold it under my shirt. It's often stressful, tiring and often slowing down, but I'm determined not to finish but work, but keep on running and creating ways to protect that carton along the way. The egg cake represents my son, the path shows life's lifestyle and training and growth, and the finish line represents my divine purpose and mission.

Now, this counterpart is important for young brothers who have not yet been born, because it is now that they get out of the starting blocks, know finishing the line and run towards it, but they have no carton of eggs to carry. In other words, we must ensure that they are equipped with life skills that will strengthen them with the tools needed to handle the challenging responsibilities we know in the father before the seed is planted. In my communities, where we uncover young men to the poor physical skills I learned after being a father, I am very knowledgeable to let them know that the decisions and actions they do now directly affect the kids that you do not have one thinking about still having, "So what kind of person do you want to see your future children?" The answer to that question should weigh heavily in the way you spend daily and actions taken.

Mission Action Steps to build our young men on leaders who will be willing to "lead a seat".

o – Provide a responsibility that resembles the responsibilities of prospective leadership factors, such as being a father: Allow them to experience the tasks of the Father, such as paying bills, manual work, important decision-making and alert payments for project execution. Cut the navel string! It's wrong for us to give our young men things they have not "gained" through their actions. It sets them up to be lazy and irresponsible, which are two characteristics / practices that prevent effective maternity / paternity leave and are very difficult to reverse even when it is determined to break those practices. (I learned from personal experience.)

o Associate with mentors who can advise, strengthen and refer to them with "real talk" (honest and transparent) conversations about testing and defeating mankind and birth. Solve them to guide programs and / or ordinary people who give a positive perspective on life. Example: "Young minister or man of God in church."

o Encourage them to maintain the 3E balance: Keep them responsible for spending their time. Make sure they have enough time to study, study and work on their career and foreign interest rates and relax and renew their minds.

o Confirm your leadership: Be consistent with calling those leaders and reiterating how important it is for them to make leadership decisions that have a positive impact on their families and future children. Example: "We need to be a leader at home and school so that you can succeed that helps us lift us from poverty and struggle and your children will benefit from the resources you have earned."

"I appreciate your work and leadership at school so much that you have encouraged me to finish my studies."

I do not need to inundate you with statistics about our minority groups to emphasize the fact that the time to be aggressive in saving them is far past "now". The truth about the matter is that many young men have found themselves in the same trouble and realized that they were unprepared for birth after being a father but instead of assuming that they were overwhelmed by the pressure and simply ran away from the seed. As a consequence, the cycle of abandoned seeds, un-fethed and semi-nurtured perpetuates repeatedly. Determining my question, "Who is going to do the action to break these bouts?" I argue that building young people's leadership muscles is important to rebuild and revive our families, communities and nations.

No more simply complaining about the lack of discipline, respect, concentration, determination and glory of our young men, but being guilty of spending time to fill those voids in their minds and spirits. Otherwise you will be guilty of an action that murderers are the possibilities of our future and generous seeds as a guide. This is not time to go round in your rifle, start shooting now, soldier!


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