Congratulations! – Where is happiness?

Happiness is something we seek and yet, many of us never find. We keep thinking that one day, "we'll be happy when we get a new car or a big house or get married …" and the list goes on and over again. Or the other side of the coin is what we think we should be happy every time a day and when we are not there is something very wrong!

The thing is, if we are constantly looking for happiness in the outside world, we will be very disappointed. It may seem like we are forever chasing it around the next corner with our butterflies and it's always just one step away. Happiness is a flirting state of mind, just like a state of sorrow or joy or anger. It is unrealistic and it would not be appropriate for us to be in a happy condition 24 hours a day. If you think it's ridiculous, think about being in funeral when everyone's sad. Would it be right to have a lot of fun on the face?

Not just that but how sad would life be if we were all happy? Contrasts in our lives help us grow and understand the value of all experiences. We need to be able to respond in a variety of ways according to what we are dealing with at any time. All feelings and states are part of the rich variant of life.

Happiness is found in reaching and being in touch with everything and people. It's about evaluating a little moment in life because it will be our happy memories.

Happiness is a dance with anything in front of you. There is a deep relationship with everything around you. It does not come from expecting others to enjoy joy, but because of how you can create joy for others.

If you want to experience happiness more often, see what you can do to smile someone else's face every day and notice how much happier you will find when you've experienced it.

Happiness is not found in physical assets. It is freely accessible to everyone at any time. All you need to experience is that you focus on the moments of your life that make you smile.


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