Congruency in Leadership

The model model developed by L. Michael Hall Ph.D. is a comprehensive and measurable leadership guideline based on seven criteria based on research on successful leaders.

This article will explain the third of these criteria, Congruency in detail and describe the specific steps you can take to improve your own leadership.

What is Congruency?

Congruency is the quality or state of quality or state of approval or equivalent.

While we can tell our children "to do the way I say, not like I do," it's serious at work in adults and will certainly not bring confidence in you or your ability to lead.

In connection with leadership, there is consensus on applying our principles and attitudes to us first, before it is expected that others will follow.

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The following key points will help you apply these criteria in practice to become a great leader.

Do you use your opinions and principles with yourself?

If your focus is out, criticize others and point out how they are damaging then you might want to start looking at home. Continuing how you can improve and track your own requirements will continue to study, develop and improve yourself, and give examples that others will try to imitate.

What are the clues you make?

One of the clearest indications of congruence is eager to offer feedback from others and explore it constructively when it is provided which also includes an active search for training and guidance. Having a good coach will assist you to evaluate your own performance on a regular basis, get unbiased feedback and set new goals for further improvement.

Is I consistent with my values ​​and vision?

Only you really know if you create your own value or if you're inside the gap between the relevant criteria and actions.

Take the time to step back and look at how you respond and ask yourself where you are very proud of yourself and whether you are a good model for others. This is the perfect opportunity to evaluate your success, this time, take responsibility for your success and seek ways to learn and improve.

Do you walk?

The final test of coordination is when others perceive you who are constantly working according to your words. If you are not sure how well you are doing in this regard, just ask them around you!

Being a Congruent Leader

Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King inspired others by living their lives clearly defined by their own rules and acting according to their words. In other words, they entered their speech and # 39;

Do you constantly work in a way that is congruent?


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