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Looking at what is happening in the world, it seems rather gorgeous to look at the idea of ​​creating self-reliance on a personal scale much less globally. Daily news is full of indications that we are moving towards a faster direction of economic offenses, political and social crises rather than a massive breakthrough.

The words authentication means power in action. I believe that if we put our hearts and minds to increase the frequency, the possibilities are overwhelming and unimaginable in scope. As noted in my book, Oracle 7, after all, we are the creators of reality and masters of time. It is not only possible but likely that we as intelligent species will navigate us through these unstable times safely and change the dire crisis of the world.

Or the current timeline frequency has risen sharply, rather than a career as before. In 2010, the patterns will have increased again and since 2012, our frequency will increase rapidly over time. A significant period of human history begins a long time of developmental development.

The attention to the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, which represents the end of the end, has potential consequences and certainly not strengthening. Historically, it is rare to predict a particular day; However, it is easy to assume that everyone has focused on December 2012.

Being our creator of our reality and connected with someone and others in alliance, we can control our lives from irreplaceable balance. We are able to show what we need in our personal reality and refer to the impression to flow into the world, creating ripples in the stream of international consciousness. Our power to create and influence change is our normal birthright.

The scientific and vigilant growth of human information is to take us towards the time when all human knowledge is immediate. Our telepathic function is an increasing global mind. We are already creating spiritual love and we are beginning to embrace all the elements we really are. It is through this love that we align our physical world and our intuitive nature.

The procurement of power stems from our sense of belonging and related to one another. It is our place in this universe that draws us towards our hopes, our dreams and unity of our species with a universal sense of love. In every sense of faith, we are in common ground in our belief that we are an example of a balanced image of the Divine Joint.

It's our natural state of affairs to confirm one and the other to encourage someone to support others and hopes and dreams. Our self-image and how we look at each other is how we look at the Divine. Therefore, the spirituality we are producing is to create power. We can lose this frequency at any time by raising our own frequency.

Laughter, love, joy are three factors that increase your receptivity to become alive and more powerful. Positive thinking and positive action are obtained from these factors. Gratitude and generosity are those that resurrect emotional hills that make us live and live more balanced and enviable life.
As we continue to evolve and balance the world's thinking and purpose, the world's balance and balance are inevitable.


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