Delete doubles: Reinforce yourself with a smile

We all have our dreams, which sometimes happen fast and can take forever on others. Perseverance in living the dream should not be so difficult, but when our goals are slower to be implemented, our energy increases, we reduce our drive and we fear.

Do not worry, it happens to all of us. But the gospel is, you can easily over it.

In recent years, when I've become more dedicated to bicycles, I've found that I can push through some inconvenience if I just think about it. These moments of pain and doubt usually come within the first hour of a long journey, or the first few minutes of a major time trial. At that time, my body has not really achieved results that are equal to tension; I'm still my best skill and efficiency.

I feel physically a few weaknesses, my heart rate expands over 90% of the peak, I'm wondering and I'm wondering if I can do what I'm asking. Then I play a mental game with me.

Knowing that I'm capable of much more than I often give credit for, I set my position again to achieve more effectiveness in my stroke, I lean forward to move my hands to the center of the handlebar next to my computer and heart rate, and push my head. And then I do one last: I smile.

I have learned over time that if I smile, I generate total awareness of happiness, more energy and creativity.

This simple act makes me stronger and in control. Mental game "do not give up, try something else, or look for another way to accomplish the task" and smile while you do, encourages me. Often we are emptied into the idea of ​​"having" doing something. Being happy and smiling brings a renewed understanding of the project and your abilities.

The task, in this case, is more than likely a hill, sometimes a mountaineering or push for completion. But it could just as easily be: meeting the deadline for the project at work, complete the homework for this secondary school that you take or interact with someone you need to solve problems.

Pressure through resistance with perseverance can be very rewarding. The confidence and self-sufficiency gained will raise the bar for future challenges, and you will be able to push through difficult conditions easier than before.

It takes all practice, but as the old saying says, "Practice makes perfect."

Finally, it's one man's opinion … mine.


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