Ego Dark: What are Ego goals?

The purpose of the ego goals is to protect the self. And by replacing it, one will know the difference between who they are and each other. They allow for their inner space to protect and look.

This is not visible to eyes as the physical body is. And while everyone has a physical body, it does not mean that everyone has invisible self-esteem.

Like ego goals, things make you feel safe or insecure and not the body yourself; It shows how important they are.

Muscle Building

This may partly explain why so many men and even women have become obsessed with aching muscles. In order to compensate for the lack of self-esteem and the security sense they bring, one seeks to create this internal security by strengthening and tightening their body. I will go deeper into this in the future.


There are many advantages to having a self-goal. When you have them, they will feel safe to be who they are and on top of it – they will know who they are. These must be the main reasons for having them.

Not only will we know who they are, but they will find it safe enough for them to be self. When this is the case, many other benefits will arise as a result.

The relationships you have will also be much more adequate. Therefore, if you dream safely inside and protected, fear of losing yourself will not be there or it will have very little effect.

Opening up the world and what the world has to offer will also be possible without fearing that individual spaces will be invaded. And if it is, you will have personal strength to set the appropriate goals.

Knowing what one wants, needs, wishes and what their wishes are, will also be normal for this person. And this is because the ego goals allow them to be in line with what is right for them. Instead of being trapped in what others want to do or follow others to keep safe within.


Since one is confident in following their own purposes and all that means means them, there is no strong need to get the consent of others. This will of course make one happy inside. Having an inner center will also be possible and this means that the welfare will have a greater chance of becoming experienced.

No Ego Boundaries

For non-self-boundaries, it can create feelings of being: invisible, infinite, delicate, empty and wide open to the world. This means that one will not be sure to be who he is or that they are protected.

There are obviously extreme things about this. While this may mean someone who is shy or unconvincing, for example, it could also mean someone who is superior, persuasive and high.

However, the benefits and compromises are often the consequences for people who do not have an independent goal. This person can find it easy to say yes, but very hard to say no. By being wide open to the world, you are unlawful to feel safe enough to say no, for fear of what may happen.

Know what their need, will, wishes and wishes will be. It will be difficult for them to understand the difference between what and what others. And so, this means they're more likely to need more approval than people who have their own strong goals. simply because they do not have the same understanding of internal security and protection.


For those who have a weak or unpredictable self-esteem, relationships are unambiguously rewarding or fulfilling. Here, you can end up being either opposed to others or avoiding them all.

So if they get cut out, they will lose the ones they have and decide what identity they think will please others. And if they avoid relationships because of fear of losing themselves, it only leads to pain and suffering.

These two options do not give much to work with and very little to have authority over.

Two Experiences

People who have their own own goals have a completely different experience for people who have them. If you do not have an independent goal, the formula is to lead a life without satisfaction, true happiness, real success, or adequate relationships. One can feel as dyramat and the presence on this ground is irrelevant.

When you have goals, it can only lead to adequate existence. Knowing what one wants, experiencing richer relationships, being safe to be yourself and protecting, are just a few benefits.

If we were to take two people, one with strong ego goals and others without physical limits, we want to see that they are both men. So why are they so different to each other?


Since a child does not have an independent boundary, it's when one begins to develop into a child they should develop. This is because, as the child does not know the difference between them and caregivers. Motherhood, consisting of reflection, acceptance and adaptation to the needs of the child, begins to create a person's sense.

The child will perceive that it is safe to have needs and that its needs are different from maternal needs. And this will make the child able to internalize this model; create a security and protection organization.

If one has a caregiver who is unemployed as a child, it will cause the opposite to happen. Your child's request will be seriously ignored and maturity will be developed. And with this, the child will not contact their needs. What it will learn is to adapt to the needs of others.

What this leads to is not only to miss those who need to be taken care of, but of course, to be created. It is through mirroring and confirmation of needs such as a child and then as a child, which makes it possible to form a self.

The association is, if necessary, ignored, I can not exist. Having a caretaker who forces his child's needs and denies assistance needs is the result that the caretaker has a problem. Perhaps their youth was the same and moved the same behavior.

This means that with their own lack of boundaries they are unknown to know the child's personal space. Such circumstances where the caregiver mistakes, smears, leaves and rejects the child becomes commonplace.


What I have described above is just a general reference and this means there may be other variations or causes.

These early experiences of course created the organization, and these organizations then become how one perceives others and themselves. They are not the truth; They are simply things that have become familiar with oneself.

And what is classified as known for yourself is what is interpreted as safe. This means that when these organizations change, you will begin to develop your own goals.

How long does this depend on numerous factors. Finding the appropriate support will make a big difference. A good therapist might be needed, for others as a supportive or book can do.


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