Emotional Empowerment

When it comes to living, you have two options: you can use it to strengthen yourself or you can use it to enable yourself. There are no other choices. Every day you strengthen yourself or physically, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Every day you strengthen or strengthen yourself in relation to yourself, your relationships with others, professionally, financially and so on. You name it: the choice is always the same.

It is a simple rule governing all operating licenses, no matter what area you are in. Where you start is where you end. To put it differently: What you emphasize is what you get. It's so simple. Therefore, it's important to learn to focus on doing what you do every day and focus more on how you are (peaceful or excited, happy or unhappy, quiet or frustrated) as you go through every moment of doing whatever you are doing. You need to skip to make it a favor. This is very different from the typical attitude that most people think they have to sacrifice the way they feel at the moment because they fight towards something they think they need to first get to feel good. When people take that attitude, they really justify, of course, feeling terrible! And exercising emotionally just involves the foundation of feeling even more terrible further down the road. We need to omit justifying feeling, anger or fear, or frustration by saying that the situation justifies us in that sense. Instead, we must focus on learning how to be calmer and balanced and the center in which circumstances we are. There is a simple and practical reason for taking this approach: life gets better and better when we do it.

We all speak in the race to stop the destruction of modern minds in favor of several future goals. What we are really doing, however, is to teach ourselves habits of dissatisfaction, fear and anxiety, which only introduce more of the same. By focusing instead on exercising more peacefully, more effortlessly, we actually begin to get what we want. By focusing on being what you want inside, you create it on the outside, without struggle and lack.

Are things very simple? Consider some examples from everyday life. If you think you will not enjoy yourself on the person you've been invited to, chances are you will not. If you are worried that the headache you have had in the past three days is about to come back, it will probably (or maybe you'll get a replacement instead. Think a spouse can be amazing, you can only drive him or her to be just that If you spend your time on financial security, your chances are higher than not getting as high as you want, or losing your job or even losing your pension. (Trust me, I've seen it happen!) Move

When thinking about negative thoughts, you fend them out and create external reality in your inner image. Psychologically, we consciously do things that end up fulfilling our fears. Emphasize what we emphasize If we emphasize In our absence, that's just what we get: lack of the same way. If we focus on health, we get more of it. But if we leave jum emphasize that we have and are what we want, then we offer what we want to come into our reality. We offer external reality to fit internal reality. [19659002] The challenge is to learn to strengthen yourself, learn to omit negative thinking, emotions, and plays. It's a four-step process.

First, we must become aware of our negative attitude and feelings. Each of us has negative attitudes and practices that we do beyond ourselves, rather than acknowledge them as our creation. For example, we could tell ourselves that we feel miserable and nervous because others control us around us. However, the truth is more likely: however, our own concerns lead us to offer those who control species to take advantage of!

We have all the reasons for our insecurity, fear, fear and frustration. We have all the initial wounds that make us too sensitive, or too needy, too demanding and so on. We all have memories that cross the arrow. And we must heal these arrows by loving ourselves and by getting love too. But surely it is also our job to continue working in a way that updates and confirms the arrow!

How we permanently reactivate our old wounds is by becoming aware, becoming aware of what's happening inside and seeing that it's a program that has been involved in us and not reality. A major part of development awareness is to train us to have a calm mind and body so that we can see what we are doing that helps to make us difficult. Therefore meditation, and learning that not thinking can be so important. With this type of exercises, we learn to develop a neutral space where we can see our habit of self-sabotage.

Secondly, when we can see what we are doing that makes our lives miserable, when we can see our negative mental, emotional and physical habits, we can begin to loosen those practices. After all, they are no longer a reality, they are just routines!

Third, when we release our negative habits, we work unconsciously by setting up custom practices in their place. For example, instead of practicing depression (which is a habit), we begin to exercise emotionally (using visual, workout, role-playing and similar tools). While this may seem to be ready at first, we quickly learn that it is not. It feels only artificial because it's not a routine we're used to. Light begins to dawn. It turns out that we are creating our reality all the time, so why not create one that feels good and confirms us? Real reality could only cater to our inner vision. (And it turns out, it does.)

Fourth, we acknowledge that the process of creation is steady and we commit ourselves daily, weekly, monthly and annually to the creative energy, to constantly embrace effortlessness, abundance, health, courage , whatever it is that allows us to be. No one else can tell you what you want to be and what you want to create. Only you can.

We are all in this all-inclusive soup of self-sufficiency. Life is about learning to climb the chocolate soup pot. We are motivated to encourage each other to promote volunteers and not to be victims of each other. We are on our way, all of us together, in unnecessary freedom, power and abundance. Keep your focus there!

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