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In a perfect world, employees would take responsibility as if they were owners or at least interested in the success of the company they worked. But it's not a perfect world, is it? However, it is possible to create a professional environment where employees assume responsibility. This is the activity of all successful employers for the desire of their employees.

Encourage your employees to become more proactive than the reaction is what you want, is not it? Get more than reacting like a snail on Valium when things need to be created or offering creative new solutions are essential factors for survival.

Prime Minister Robert Reich reported the findings of a report created by researchers at Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Business School and Ernst & Young. The study referred to companies like Motorola, which estimates that it receives $ 30 for every $ 1 invested in VET. And Edy's Grand Ice Cream, which increases its employee management system by reducing inventory 66%, improving productivity 57% and lifting unit 830%.

If you are ready to start your trip (never destination) to a partner to sponsor, the above will be possible. Allow PARTNER to discover the necessary partnerships to succeed:


Participation and participation is the first partner to support elements. Like the muscles in our body, employees need to use their abilities on a regular basis to continue to prevent accidents. The vocational education you will be awarded is risk assessment, collaboration, guidance, innovation, value-added and challenging.


Employee approval in full, rather than apprentices, is another affiliate necessary for a partner to support. This was highlighted by US executives in the late 1920s and early 1990s after Harvard's study at Hawthorne Works in Western Electric, unfortunately, had few listeners.


Recognition is the third factor for your partner to support the model. It's important that you confirm what you choose to praise and reward. The actions you know are prizes and praise are the most likely actions to repeat.

During the first six months of 1995, when I was traveling through the country, I invited all participants (entry to the CEO) to write an index card the most important thing their company or boss could do to improve their loyalty to companies themselves. You might be surprised to know that praise and recognition were offered more than any other answer – much more than money.

Tell the truth

Tell the truth about what's really happening in your business is the fourth key for your partner to enhance your experiment. In the survey of employee loyalty, this topic was a frequent contender for the highest heights. Employees want to know what the wind is blowing with the company. If you store information again, they will simply "fill out" and usually what they fill in is far from accurate. Handling of knowledge in general will only serve those who are detained. Power is unlimited, unfortunately many believe that their power comes from their status. On the contrary, it comes from within – this is a true leadership.

Network Backup

Network Security is the fifth element of your business to partner to support. If you really want your employees to take part in projects in the participating department, you must create a security team. no one wants to shoot down to stand in the neck in order to improve their activities.

When Tony Ciabattoni had a Pacific Business Interiors in Los Angeles, he had leave aboard the desk where workers took advantage when he was away from the office. If it were necessary to make a decision in his absence, the license card was to deviate from the possibility of bottlenecks that would slow down the company's progress. He acknowledged his staff to take risks and fully asserted his decisions but continued to suggest that they make another decision in the future. My change to you is this: Do you have a license card on your desk within 30 days? Show your staff that you're talking to you and get the cards today!


Propaganda to employees, their growth and their risk factors is the sixth essential factor for partners to strengthen. Be excited for the growth of the team, be excited when your people are at risk (regardless of success). Find the wonder of the world that you have as a kid and keep it for a dear life. If you do, your staff will be infected with your excitement and the desire to serve customers in a way that will lead to total customer satisfaction.


Renewal of the commitment to excellence. This revival, most recently spelled by PARTNER, certainly does not matter, is very important. Your employees are looking at your actions much more than they listen to what you need to say. Have a commitment crisis; Your commitment to employees and your customers. Even if you've been challenging your staff before, it's today to avoid a new era for your business. Show the world that you have experienced restoration with your positive actions by spelling PARTNER!


Partner to support, it's a choice, it's a journey, and that's what helps you and your employees build a successful and synergistic relationship. One that will all take part in more success – the choice is yours.

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