Everyone Has An Internal Saboteur – Make Your Saboteur Chess Partner Part II

If you have not read my previous article about Shadow / Saboteur, I recommend that you do. Thus, the following paragraphs will make much more sense. I hope you could track some Star Wars movies and take down some inner comments about this announcement of having "shadow" or "saboteur". What I want to talk about here is how to make your sabote comrades! You see, you can not run away from shadow, and if you try to do it, as Anikan (Darth Vader) did – it only grows stronger and stronger until it can overwhelm you completely to lose all of it of true value for you! Anyone who has ever experienced addiction can quite understand what it is like to feel powerless in their lives. But when you fully understand the saboteur archetype and learn to use it as a friend, ally and what I've heard before it's called "chess", you'll be able to make decisions clearly and with conviction. This will bring great happiness and peace of mind to the day in life!

Again, remember, your Saboteur is synonymous with your relationship with the world! There will always be issues of self-esteem, as well as fears that hinder you from your own strengths and achievements! Here are some ways to make your saboteur "chess club:"

1. Your Saboteur is a mirror that reflects your fear of taking responsibility for yourself and what you are creating. It is most related to your ability to survive in the physical world. One way to silence this archetype is through the activities of COURAGE. For example, say you've been a lawyer for over 25 years, but deep down you always knew you wanted to be an entrepreneur; courage the next step is to just do it! Do not delay anymore. This is one sure way to make your saboteur ally.

2. Another way to make your saboteur chessmen & # 39; is always following your intuition. Now, some of you can not fully understand what it means but think of it this way when your mind tells you one of fear or concern, but your heart tells you something else, like going to a law to do your passion for that to be your own boss … it's your intuition that speaks. Over the years, I've learned to use my intuition every day and this is very powerful!

3. Another absolute problem with saboteur – when you see it negative in your life is in fear of change. When you're afraid to change, find it deep in your intestine, called your solar plexus. It's not just about changing your home or car, it's about these big changes like letting your boss go to create your own product or marry the man / woman in your dreams! Changes that will affect you for the rest of your life! A change that requires you to respond positively to new opportunities that will help to create and deepen your life and spirit to live! The key here is to learn to change EMBRACE and invite him into your life. Now most people will not do this until the back is against the wall – that's why most people run on the other side and try to hide from their shadow.

The change is steady and it's very good – and it's one of the most powerful ways to make your sabote chess. Do not allow fear of the unknown / change to prevent you from achieving your goals.

Go out and conquer and be determined not to stand for all who are leaders, husband, wife, sibling, lover, believer, daughter, son, have to offer you and others! Make your sabote chessmen, sit directly over the table from you.



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