Find recovery through writing – convert from victim to creator

Writing is a creation that involves healing. I wrote my way out of food shortages in recovery. I changed what happened to me in art. I was no longer a victim of anything. I had become a creator.

Writing fiction, fiction, fiction, or journalism – is important for recovery. Pen in hand opens doors.

Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, once said writing "is essential and writing to save your life is really true and to date has been a very solid ladder from the grave."

Making a list of distortions brings command and power. Emotions come alive, find out, then cool. To capture situations, feelings and relationships, save them from unclear days, knowledge of the old and discomfort of the new one. Louise DeSalvo Explains Writing As A Way To Cure: How To Say Our Stories Transform Our Life, "As in photography, writing works for me like a kind of fixer, like the material-fixer-you use to stabilize the movie. "

I turned to poems to better understand the disturbance of the disease and creep through my recovery. Michael Henry, Managing Director of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop, says: "We are writing this moment because we do not know what we know about them."

Writing the magazine is a solid companion and mind that leads to daily clarity what's really happening. But creating poems presents different values. Necessary changes to content and ongoing spelling of language and poetry (word choice, line spacing) provide depth of insight and release. The event of the poem is a way of life, but it also becomes something that is viewed from a distance.

Clarity, integration and integrity come from literally looking at man's life on his arm. Learning another poet was my beginning. It covers me a lot of time in my life. It taught me to express, blow and connect.

Once upon a time, conditions and conflicts were so scandalous that I had swallowed them all slowly on the page.


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