Finding lasting happiness

Success has been a great motivation for all human actions since civilization has evolved so much that it has been decorated in the very prime minister of the United States along with equality and peace.

Is it not strange that this most important, thoughtful ideal of human life is still the most nauseous?

Did Michael Jackson die (Egypt, for that matter) a happy man? He had everything – talent, wealth, fame, power – a person could search.

There are numerous, well-known, well documented examples of extremely rich and famous people around the world who were / are perhaps most dissatisfied too. It is certainly certain that money, power, wealth, fame, etc. – World Licensing – are not a sufficient assurance to ensure lasting happiness. All of these can provide, at best, temporary happiness.

In today's world almost all humanity seems to follow a miracle called "happiness" and gather more and more sorrow and misery at work. What is the reason for this paradox? Why do we most never think happiness?

The fact is that our thinking is not profound and mature enough to understand what real and lasting happiness is. We fail to understand that in this world bipolar has every positive negative, which action has a reaction and everything has its opposite. Likewise, every quest for happiness has a grief like the other side of the coin. When we seek happiness, we surely look for sorrow as well. Both will come as a package. More often than not, empire, which is completed to ensure our happiness, ends up offering more sorrow.

Throughout our lives, we continue to gain secular things to make us happy. We try to make more and more money by hiring our jobs, gaining more and more wealth, fame, power and a wealth of world-class assets such as cars, dwellings, bank balances, ranches, yachts, jets, islands / beach features / residential and what not. We believe that money and everything that can be bought is necessary and sufficient to ensure our happiness. But do we always get lasting happiness?

Every material authority is just evil, no more. After a few days or weeks or may be old, there is happiness associated with it, replaced by indifference, anxiety, concern about maintenance, loss, damage, theft, security, security and the number of related problems. Thus, empire wealth and acquisitions can usually be an accessory to our happiness, but this can never be a real and lasting happiness. They can at best provide a sense of foolish comfort and materialism that we fail for happiness.

In order to achieve the happiness of happiness, we must look for physical acquisitions – for spirituality. Real clean and lasting happiness is definitely a state of mind and not a physical phenomenon. That state of mind that helps to perceive and gain happiness from any object, event and condition around us is not achieved by material wealth. It lies in the state of Atman (soul), which lies in insomnia when the person is in a business cycle in the physical and physical world.

It is only spiritual that the soul can be activated and empowered. When the soul is completely clever and organized, we encourage the detection (fake and temporary) happiness of physical and material things will be bent and the mind is able to distinguish between true and false and between lasting and patience.


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