Five keys to the angelic powers

From that time I was a young child, I knew of angels. My mom would read stories about our angels and we would like to have a long discussion about our Guardian Angels. I believe at the time that I was very close to my angels, as I realize now, I would often talk to them and I also believe I saw them. As I got older, conversations and visions went angels. I was not thinking about the angels until I was 38 when I went to a seminar about angels. In the next ten years, I would get angels as gifts, from family members, students and friends.

Eight years have passed since angels have returned to my life. It has been a wonderful journey and I want to share with you the five keys to strengthening that I have experienced working with my angels.

1. The angels will never say anything that's negative to you. They always have a positive message to tell you. So if you think you've heard something that's negative, you do not know talking to your angels.

2. Your angels can help you with a vision that you might have for yourself. You just need to ask for help. They believe and respect your freedom so they never interfere with or do not want to help them.

3. Our angels help us with creativity. I was always pretty creative with art and crafts. But I always thought I could not write essays, etc. Or write poems anyway. Since I'm interested in angels, I've been writing poems and I've been writing for two ezines. I have learned to write medical meditation and I have also learned to write a message from my angels. I'm much more confident in my writing and now I'm starting to do some paintings. My angels have really helped me with my trust in writing and I thank them for their patience and help.

4. Our angels give us evidence that they are around us. There may be radio or TV tuned in exactly the amount of time you want it to be on. You may be in a conversation and somebody tells you something you've just thought about that day. You are in the bookstore and a book appears on you or it falls onto the floor. You pick up the book and that was exactly what you had to look at. You hear your name called and you do not see anyone near you. Or you could read something in a book or magazine and there was something that you really had to hear at that time.

5. The angels will strengthen us to be the true self. They will help us to see the truth about who you truly are. They introduce you to people who may be in your life for a short or long period of time. They will help you find the opportunities that are in your best interests. They will never force or nail, but they encourage us to try different things so we understand and understand, life has no limits and we can show what we like to appear for ourselves.

I asked my angels if anything else I should write for this article. This is what they told me. They wanted to remind me that their message to us is from pure love and that they want us to feel that they are working only in pure love. They want you to know that when you go to your heart is a place of peace and love, this is where you will find them.

They say that the way to find this heart is meditation to help you find center and earthquake. When you come to heart, know that angels will be there and they will wait for you so that they can show you the love there. They say peace is also there and that with love and peace there is no need to worry and upset. Trust the angels and know that they are messengers to God; you will be pleased that there is a lot of love when it comes to feeling a sense of your angels.

By Peg Jones


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