Five Types of Confirmations for Strengthening

Five categories of confirmation support you to show strong changes. These five categories or types of confirmations have been made in consultation with customers and participants. You can work with confirmations in all categories at the same time, or you can focus on another class every day or every week. It is important that affirmations you choose resonate with you, that is, they feel natural and appropriate. In order to experience this resonance, you may need to change the words above as an example, or let them encourage you to create the ones you want or develop your own from scratch.

Popular Affirmations

Many popular confirmations are beautiful, actually they are absolutely amazing! However, if you do not believe, they are useless or even towards productive. If you say confirmation that you do not believe, say it repeatedly will not let you believe it. Indeed, the repetition can build more opposition to believing. Consider this example: Sam feels powerless. He has had many experiences that he can point out to justify his feelings and his belief in his own weakness and invaluability. To say that "I'm powerful" is less likely to spend their energy than to draw attention to such reactions, such as "Oh, no, I'm not!" If Sam does not resist, he carries it with him when he lives.

Material is performed using these five categories of attempts systematically to assist you in receiving confirmation that you want to believe, but not. If you have the intention and desire to say and believe "I am powerful," begin to release powerlessness, open the possibility of being powerful, confirm the purpose and desire to live in your power, claim your power and make the idea of ​​power integrate into your life.

The following are five categories of confirmation described briefly with some examples of each type.

Freedom / Clearance of Confirmation

Purpose of Salvation and / or Cleansing is to release unwanted and unnecessary material. Especially, they help you to resist resistance. They allow you to clean your system. These confirmations emphasize the release of toxic substances such as negative thoughts, submissive or suppress emotions, old memories, negative relationships with others, karma, dark solidarity, illusion of all kinds.


  • I give me permission to get rid of toxicity from all stages of my energy field.
  • I end up obsolete hot poverty, celibacy, struggle, silence and worthlessness.
  • I release resistance.
  • I left out old apps that hold me in an old pattern.
  • I release everything I do not want or need my greatest quality.

Acceptance / Approval Confirmation

The purpose of receipt and / or acceptance of confirmation is to open to allow something to be. They allow us to receive goodness from the universe. They prevent energy deprivation; that is, they can turn to illness or other density. In addition, they help us to shift attention from actions to reduce, such as "getting" or "taking" to making ideas like "receiving" and "allowing" and "accepting" to exploit.


  • I open gifts to the universe.
  • I allow abundance to flow through me.
  • I accept support when I need it.
  • Dear God, please let me know what to do in a way that I understand.
  • I accept peace and joy in all aspects of my life.


The purpose of being and / or the proposed confirmation is to deliver your purpose, especially your greater purpose. These confirmations raise awareness of your intentions about something or your task in life. In addition, this confirmation can deepen your understanding of the reason for being and / or working in general or in special circumstances. They can be used to enhance all and all of the features that follow.


  • I know this is the highest quality of all concerned.
  • I deepen my awareness of the consciousness of the actions.
  • I live my task.
  • I'm going to live without struggle, fear and hopelessness.
  • I remember.

Affirmative Confirmation

The purpose of the actor and / or claim confirmation is to bring something to your attention or to direct the energy of your intended purpose for the appropriate impression. These confirmations have a physical experience of the ideas you have in your mind and / or heart. In addition, these confirmations help you to demand your authority and establish boundaries in relationships.


  • I work with great intent and purposeful awareness.
  • I step into the world to live my mission in every word and deed.
  • I claim my goodness now.
  • I do any act of love (or freedom or facility or hope, etc.).
  • I'm powerful. I'm worthy of it. I'm in love. I'm free.

Integration / Structure of Confirmation

The purpose of integration and / or confirmation of verification is to allow energy and the meaning of the verification to combine your awareness. Confirmations and ideas that do not sound, fall away. Integration / Structure Confirmation supports us to know more deeply – integrate – what we have learned rather than introducing new information.


  • I integrate trust in all areas of my life.
  • I love my work, my body, my relationships.
  • Yes to life!
  • Today is a chance for peace.
  • I breathe in abundance, let the whole body feel its energy.

Lifestyle Confirmation

When you work more and more with deliberate affirmations – written, spoken, read, sing, mediated – you will make them part of your lifestyle. Verifications are already working for (or against!) You. It is your job to choose the ones you want to live by. Remember that you already use authentication every time you think or speak! If your current confirmations are inconsistent, you can intentionally change them to those you choose to survive.


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