From Employment to Promote 7


This is where fun begins! Time to remove the wall of determination and put on your study curriculum – you are about to discover – no fear or feeling, just collecting data. Remember to try to run the new car, take it out for rotation, check all gadgets and gadgets? It is now time to kick the tires of companies. The market expert from the company will give you a plethora. To ensure that each question is answered, a list here is to ensure that it covers all the important issues covered by:

1. What is the business area of ​​the company? How long has it been in business and how long has it been voted? How many units are in operation?

2. Who founded the company, and is the founder still involved?

3. Who are employees of the patent holder? Their fitness?

4. Are there any laws in law against the licensee? If there were previous legal disputes between the licensee and the patent holder, how were the dispute resolved?

5. Are there any bankruptcies in the background of a patent company or their officers?

6. How big is the market for products / services of the company? Is the market planning to grow in the future? Who (ie, experts, etc.). But the franchisor of the project growth in the market?

7. Is the licensee protected by territorial waters or exclusively?

8. What is the length of the patent period?

9. What is the training program and where is it held? Are additional costs incurred by the proprietor for training?

10. What is the turnover ratio of patent units? How many people close each year? How many people sell each year?

11. By the election permit sold, how many (if any) are never opened?

12. How many credits have failed last year? In the last three years?

13. Does the franchisor provide a manual for a patent holder?

14. Is the licensor responsible for reviewing advertisers? Can franchisees arrange their own ads? Does a franchisor ad support a franchisee?

15. Are there advisory counselors and how effective are they?

16. Ow much is the investment in the election? How much is the franchise? Royalty fees? Advertising Expenditures?

17. at cost, if any, are not included in the franchise fee? For example, is training included?

18. Is the licensee permitted to have access to the CEO or Managing Director of an enterprise?

19. Has the landlord prior permission to concessionaire in the area you are considering buying? If so, what happened to a previous election?

20. What is the future for the patent of the company? What are growth plans? What obstacles or challenges are ahead and how will the franchisor deal with these issues?

Finally – remember this is not an interview. This is a discussion between 2 business owners who are trying to make sure that working together would be mutual benefit. Keep asking questions until all the stones have been rotated and your only decision is to invest in a business – or not.


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