From Employment to Strengthen 4

Proven Prospective

Certified System

Your franchisor gives you a proven model that has benefited others like you, ruling out guessing and minimizing the risk associated with leaving it alone. Why are you reinventing your bike?

Name of Recognition

Everyone knows about McDonald's, Molly Maid, UPS, etc. How many people know about your local device or video rental? Not many. How long do you think it would take to build brand recognition and the benefits associated with it?

Strength in numbers

You are not alone; You have 2 ranges of strength:

Franchisor – Your business arrangement is symbiosis ie. You both work when you buy both money.

Other Licensers – By having a network of other professionals in the same business, you can share ideas and get quick feedback to help solve problems. Because franchisors allocate exclusive areas, you can work together to strengthen your market power. How many local salons do you like to work together to expand their individual businesses?

Improved purchasing power

Its simple economy: the more you buy, the cheaper the price. With tens of hundreds of partners buying the same products will significantly reduce costs

Access to funds

You may need to borrow to start your business. Many successful franchisors have funding plans already available to eligible applicants, or they can help you ensure safe funding simply with the strength of the brand.


The average small business is the owner and full time. Franchise options range from daily arrest to part-time to absent owner.

And finally: When people think about a concession, most people think that they have only one unit in one place. However, there are other methods – here is a list of the most common types of patents:

Individual – You buy a franchisor's concession and work with individual business in one place or area.

Sequential Franchise – You purchase additional licenses after the initial license. These additional units are approved on an individual basis and you will probably need to hire managers to run the units.

Area Developer – You have rights (for a fee) in a particular area and will be expected to develop a certain number of patents within the agreed timeframe. You may also need to hire many to assist you.

Franchisee Master – You are responsible for assisting the licensee in a particular territory. Within this territory, it is expected to provide continued support for ownership.

Reporter – You own units or varied units, but instead of notifying the franchisee, you will notify the franchisee master.


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