From Job to Identification

In the summer of 2009 I found myself between work and decided to explore other options. Certainly there are other options to work 9 to 5 to build a property for someone else? So I loaded water, cookies and Mac the Dog into my red yaris (driving the little red shoe) and drove about Ontario looking for inspiration for self-employed. I watched many unusual possibilities – tea house, garden center, lavender farm, small hotel, pub … It was fun and exciting but did not buy me closer to my goal of being in control when I worked, how I worked, and how much I earn could create. How could it I did not define my goals and goals, and only looked at the companies that seemed to me, and those I thought I could afford. A few months later, I began to contemplate voting rights on the basis that the company was established, had a proven system and would provide support. But I never managed to defend these goals and expectations. Now – a year later – I found my ideal as an independent trainer and I want to share some advice with those brave souls who go on the same course. Consider the following before going out, literally or graphically:

1. Are you looking at a company based on what you want to do? for example if you love to bake cakes, do you want a bakery? Remember to enjoy hobbies is not the same as making it livelier. And it must not be lucrative, certainly working for most of us?

2. Are you a discount company because you do not like the product or do not understand it, for example, I do not know about cars so I would not consider having Jiffy Lube?

3. What do you want from your company? Change current life insurance or keep daycare and supplementary income? Cottage planning? Retirement Plan?

4. How hard do you want to work? Do you want work / lifestyle or are you ready to work 24/7 to reach your goals? Do you want staff or are you going to run the company alone?

5. Do you have the skills needed to run companies such as marketing, financial management, customer service, product development? Can you go alone? Or do you have access to professional assistance?

6. If you start a new business, do you have a system, budget and marketing plan in place? If your existing company, do you have access to unbiased recommendations for food and responsibility? It is important to know that brokers who sell commercially for the seller, not the buyer. Who will work for you?

It's definitely fun to look at a variety of businesses, but if you're serious about being a boss and / or having a timeline, make sure you focus on the trip and work with professionals who can assist you and each Consider your needs.

Owning your own business is a big step and will be a major adaptation to your lifestyle, income, attitude and peace of mind. But speaking from experience – I would not go back to the world of business and life at the time of the water. Being responsible for your own destiny is the greatest power of all of them!


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