Giving = Happiness

I have tried to teach me to live better, more in line with how God's Word teaches us. I have read the Bible to inform myself about God's plan of growing, being a good person, and finding happiness that I only believe in him. Below is the scripture I was studying today, and most of Luke is what I was learning, but this scripture was before me because I realized that even though I'm a good person, I do not really much and i want To change that I want to grow spiritually and make good things around me.

Luke 6:38 NIV
Give and it will be given to you. A good case, pressed down, together and running over, will be poured into the ring. Because with the amount you use it will be recommended to you.

I read this and sat and shared what I read. Meditation on God's Word is very important that a lot of people forget. You need to give the scripture time to plunge in and give God time to talk to you about it. In my mind, I began to talk to God about what I had just read but I had all those feelings about insecurity and inability to give, so I began to apologize to God for why I could not give. My first excuse was:

1) I have nothing to give. We are stretched as it is, how can I give when I have nothing extra to give?

God said, take time. It is one of your most valuable possessions. Give your love, understand and comfort. Give your attention, give your friendship, give some reason to smile.

I could not talk because I could think of a few cases when it was all I needed from a person. Some people will probably never know how my affection with me affected my day or week. Sometimes people are going through research and just need a good laugh, or something inspiring words or even good time with someone who does not care. Even though I agreed and understood what God was saying to me, I still had excuses for past bad experiences in trying to give or do the right thing. My next excuse was this:

2) I do not want to give to anyone, as often as I've been sorry and only give me some money to see them run to a liquor store for a cigarette or gas station. What if I give them money and they buy medicine for it?

God said, "Give all those who ask you," when you do this, you are obedient to my words, which I please, what they do with the blessing you gave them after it falls upon them. Do not destroy the blessing by worrying about destroying them.

I want to be blessed by God, His blessing outweighs money, so I agreed to listen and obey by giving, even though I do not think I should give. Then I started thinking about people who made me wrong or hurt me and I said to God:

3) Even those who have asked me? You do not want me to give them it? Why do you want me to give someone to hurt me?

God said, My word says to love your enemies, do those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who fear you. By showing you that you are my child and that you have mercy as I do.

So I looked for mercy to see why I needed it, I knew I wanted God to blame me, but why do I have to have it on others?

Bottom line, it's an idiot.

I began to study the Bible because I wanted to be more consistent with God's word, to do that, I have to empt myself so I can fill it. How can I get rid of me? By my selfishness? By being unselfish. Selfish people show mercy. Mercy shows that I am a god and I am trying to shape myself. Modeling me to my God brings joy to my heart. Joy in my heart makes happiness for life. And is not a good life that we are all trying to achieve? It seems to me that everything starts by giving. As we begin to give freely and happily, we can begin to see the progress of these scriptures and have blessings flowing in our lives.


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