God given strength – use it to concentrate on everything!

Power begins with you, but comes from God. What is your strength? Is your vision of life a focal point? Or are you running the other day to feel very busy, still lost and going now?

Get power to start today. Wait for the Lord. Then write down the view and let it slide so you can run it. (Habakkuk 2)

Focus on the Vision of Your Desired Life

What are you passionate about? Where do you see the future? Ask God for directions. We are told to acknowledge him in all our ways and he will manage our ways. (Proverbs 3: 6) God knows the plans he has for us, aiming to bless, call him and seek his help.

Make a Plan of Action

If your goals and vision do not contradict or oppose God's Word, do a plan. Take the steps you can take to make your vision reality and write down. Read them and talk them out loud daily and start taking children's steps at least.

Next week is coming where you do something different or do not do anything else. Really deep thought, ha? NOT, but it has to be said and you need to hear it.

Wake – life is happening

It's up to you to change your policy. If you want something else, if you have a vision or even a part of a vision, take time to zoom in and focus on it.

This is your life and you have only one shot – do not waste it. Do something important with it. If not for you, then for others, but exceedingly for God. God did not create you and put you here at this age for nothing. You have the purpose and part to play as we do all.

Everyone is valuable and it is important for the community that you respect the best things you can do in your given talent. My pastor often refers to the body of Christ to the human body. It does not matter if you have an ear drum, eye, big toe or heart. Every part is important and important for the whole body in order for everything to work best.

Life is a journey and a growing process

Do not be afraid to mess. Remember, everything is good for those who love the Lord. (Romans 8:28) Continue to pray and seek God daily for guidance to adjust and direct the steps along the way. Taking a childbirth will strengthen you immensely and quickly, you will be successful.

The simple fact of the matter is this: Tomorrow, next month and next year is going to come, even if you do not change things. But I wonder? What if you are going to change some things and get God to work with you? What could you do next week, next month or next year?

Why not experience and find out? What are you doing here? Go now and start making things happen in life by tap into your God given authority.

Can you continue to experience the life of growing prosperity!


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