Without getting the basics of philosophy, I will make some statements about happiness. Happiness is probably the most sought after feeling and the hardest to keep on going. We can all experience a moment of joy that makes us happy.

I have found myself to be most happy when I try to help others find happiness. The word "service" comes to mind.

In our own relationships, we are happier when we are doing things for each other. And they do not even have to be big or grandiose things. Just a little bit. A thing like a simple compliment for a reflective act. A word about how dinner went so well. "How was your day?" … and then listen to what they say.

It's together when you're together., And wish you to be together when you're not. It's always promising your partner and never saying anything bad about your partner with anyone.

It encourages each other for higher education. Encourage to improve talent and talents and hobbies. Encourage to follow man's dreams. Dreams are motivated by real passion.

Real passion does not happen overnight. Real passion is not a destination. It's a journey. A journey that one can not follow, with some real pleasure, if they are on the road alone. Real passion was meant to be a part of a journey.

Give a simple "I love you". Do not assume they know it. SAY IT. Oftel. Now, not a kid yourself. All relationships are continuous "work in progress". There are ups and downs. Good times and not so good. We must decide for ourselves that we are in this while.

Search for and give a "look over the room" to your partner. Give them a kiss in twilight. Take a free walk in a cold afternoon, "just because of that". Brush your fingertips from your hand over your shoulders or down your arm like you are talking to them or as you pass them, whether in private or public.

Give them your smile; hot, radiant and sincere smiles.

This will all reimburse you unjustly … and often!


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