Happiness – 5 steps happy now

People who are sick usually seek better health; and people who are not sick usually seek wealth rather than health. But everyone wants to be happy. Patients are not happy people; They will feel better – to be good and happy. And a lot of people are looking for money or wealth because they are under the money that can buy them happiness or that "rich people" are happy people. But even people who hurt others in some way think they are happier or better because of that.

But is it wise to seek happiness? This is obviously a play of words; but your subconscious mind could not think so. The idea of ​​searching something implies you do not already have it, or you're not "there yet". Happiness is not really a "thing" and it's not a place either. Happiness is the word we give a sense of "unimpeded spiritual flow". It is important to think about it; because if you want to be happy, it's important to know what it's that you want. And these days it looks like most people do not know what they want; and they have all kinds of ideas about what could "make them happy".

You can not get happiness; although we talked often as you can. You can not "grab" or "come to" happiness as if it were a destination or location. You can, however, be happy – in a happy state – to experience happiness. Happiness is your natural state. You're basically happy with life experiences that infiltrate that energy – stepping it down until it's hardly enough to bring your body around this physical world. You can let go of the things that prevent the natural flow of your energy or happiness and start experiencing what it is like to live your life with all your energy.

We think and make things that build our joy; and we think and do things that reduce our joy. The biggest key to happiness is to notice what category of your thoughts and actions are coming in and enhance the joy tests, as you reduce the things that juice your life and make you feel "emptied". We may also need to learn new things, new thoughts or new ways to be in the world if what we want is to find something new and different. If you're not a happy man, for example, you're probably not used to thinking and thinking "happy people – thoughts and things".

The misunderstanding people have is that they will be happy "one day in the future." You can not suffer for years and expect happiness to grow out of it. If you exercise suffering for many years, you will only be good at suffering. Happiness is now happiness now. There is no future; It's only now. If you want to be happy, you need to learn to be happy now. The secret is that you are lucky now – right now. You are always flowing happiness; and you almost always endure most of it – "slows" it down until it looks like some other feeling. You only need to turn off the energy stream or stop the power supply in the system, let go of the benefits of your life and do not waste your mind and let go of the resistance to make sure you flow freely in order to find happiness and freedom. And that's what we all want.

Here are 5 keys to be happy now:

  1. Come over yourself. Would you rather be "right" or happy? Your own cause causes you to be unhappy; The more ego, or bigger your ego, the more your suffering will be. Try to think and talk without using the words, "me," and "me". If you're happy, you'll wonder how much of your life you personally know and associate (and your happiness) with. Love yourself, not your own self.
  2. Drop. Release the past and everything in it – including reasons to fear the future. Release attachments. If it's good, true and yours, you can not possibly lose it. If you lose something by omitting it, you've just revealed its true nature.
  3. Simplify your life. Humans are relatively simple. When life becomes complicated, it's because we're breaking too many of ours and those belonging to other people. What we do and collect in our lives requires energy expenditure from our part to "keep them going." The "material" drains our energy and hurdles, or impedes, energy flow through us and our environment and life.
  4. Serve others. Suffering, including unhappiness, is the result of thinking about yourself – what you lost, what something means to you, what's up for you, what could happen to you … The best way to think about yourself is to to serve others. You will find great relief in thinking about what you can do for others and a great deal of joy in service.
  5. Know when to stop. Whether a job, meal, task or something else, which remains for "stopping time", can get old after a while and cause burns. If you want to be happy, you should be doing what you love. When joy turns into a job, it's time to quit.

Losing a job is not the point; losing your joy, however, means losing your true reason to live. When you notice that you have lost your happiness, check what it's up to and find it. It's inside you. It's always in you. Some lost contact, property, job, house, etc. And act as if it were the end of the world. They create thoughts of the worst possible nature and possess them – make them grow in unrealistic proportions in many cases. Some, however, do the next thing without any fans. It's up to you to restore happiness in your life. Now you have a few keys to try; what are you waiting for?


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