Happiness – Four ways to get happiness

We could say we want to be happy, but there are four passers who are happy to conceal us.

1. We are not sure what happiness is.

Remember a joke about the man who goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor, it hurts when I raise my arm like this."

Your doctor answers: "Stop doing it."

Happiness is more than just a presence of pleasure and lack of pain. It is also a deep pleasure in our lives.

Greeks saw happiness as a philosophical way of behaving, living a moral, moral, and virtuous life. Modern thinkers see happiness as a psychological sense of well-being. In both definitions, the source of happiness is within and can be controlled and enhanced.

But between these two main definitions are two: The belief that happiness is to enjoy as many lives as possible and the fact that we can not change much about our lives so that we should just take things as they are.

2. We do not know what makes us happy

When we decide our definition of happiness, what what?

Have you ever been to that fast-paced person who does not know exactly what they want? Clerk is happy to take his orders, but can not until they decide what they want, so the customer manager finally asks to step aside.

As you place an order in a restaurant, you need to know what you want before you can have it

Most of us are convinced that if we have more money, bigger houses and our dream work, we're happy. These are all desirable and sure to bring some happiness, but material things can only satisfy us temporarily. Despite the fact that things are only short-lived, some primitive components of our brain allows us to keep on following them. Some even lead a moral deceit, risk of family and career, in search of temporary joy.

3. Unhappiness is much more popular and more comfortable

Because happiness is sometimes evened by being intelligent lightweight or Pollyana, we are uncomfortable to look as happy. When everyone else is crying about weather, traffic, high prices and low wages, are you sufficient enough to step up and point out the wonderful pleasure of living? Most of us hesitated for being part of the crowd.

Many of us believe in Ernest Hemingway, "Happiness in intelligent people is the rare one I know."

4. Happiness Requires Knowledge

If we want to overcome happiness in our lives, we must decide what it means to us, discover our happiness and be happy with happiness, despite the way people around us could put it down. Most of all, we must be ready and ready to take action.

As we connect with people who have the qualities we die, we must put ourselves in the company with happy people if we are going to be happy.

Based on studies of the same and unique twin-twins, scientists have discovered that about 40% of our happiness is based on genetic taste. The part we can not change. About 10% is based on our upbringing, education, economic level and other circumstances. We can not change these either. But after 40% -50% is in our power.

With the part of our happiness that is in our power, we have many opportunities to do. People who say they are happy with their exercises, take responsibility for their decisions, stop keeping what they want, show gratitude, build close relationships, and find a spiritual way that helps others.

If you can remove these four roadblocks, you can join those who enjoy happiness as a lifestyle.


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