Happiness: What is it and how can you be happier?

What is happiness yet and how can we define it? In my opinion, a good idea comes from Andrea Seritan, assistant of UC Davis in clinical psychiatry: emotional state that people reach when they are balanced, fulfilled, successful in relationships and productive participants in society. Of course, everyone is different, but after reading the science of happiness, several key participants have emerged.

Gratitude . According to Bob Emmons, UC Davis Psychologist and Author "Thanks !: How new gratitude can make you happier," Gratitude is a key part of happiness. Studies have shown that people who regularly express "gratitude", a list of things that you are grateful for, were happy with their lives, optimism and better physical health than those who do not keep such a diary.

Genetics . Happiness is possible for everyone, but genetics and environment play a role. Treatment and treatment can help anger, depression and other negative mood from correcting their feelings. But because of genetics, some people are at greater risk of emotional shock than others.

Money . As for old saying: "Money can not buy happiness," some researchers say there is some truth. However, the connection between income and happiness is positive, but only with very small amounts. Money buy less than you think. Money spent on other people and good causes make more happiness according to recent research. Delivering to a local food bank instead of buying a designer handbag for yourself, is a promising way to think happiness.

Relationships . We all have anointed need to belong, be part of a group and be accepted by others. And having many strong, supportive relationships are another key factor in long lasting happiness.

Spiritual . Studies have shown that people who accept mental or religious exercise show a higher proportion of happiness. This may be due to social support, but the spiritual exercise itself seems to provide flexibility when it's difficult times.

So is that a magical formula for happiness? Certainly not. But these scientifically discovered factors can be taken up today to make you happy. As a whole, you learn about yourself, what gives you pleasure and how you can access life in a rewarding way. When you know how to live your creative life, look for it and have fun along the way.


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