Happiness – You can be happier and reap health

Happiness: You Can Improve Your Health

Happiness sounds like such a basic, easy-to-understand concept but difficult to define. We generally acknowledge happiness; The dictionary indicates pleasure, joy, pleasure and joy as descriptors. How can these words translate reliably to be ever happier? We often associate with being pleased with assets, but "things" are not the key to happiness.

Psychologist dr. Martin Seligman has done a lot of happy research and is a compilation of happiness as a combination of pleasure (fun experience), participation (how important to participate) and meaning (with your personal strength to serve a larger end). Of these three things he considers satisfaction as the least result.

Happy men look at their past, present and future positive. They are grateful for what has happened, they savor the present and they anticipate the future. Happiness is inside you, not based on external things; It is here and now experience. It's not as much about getting what you want as having what you have.

Being able to study your approach to past, present and future is the key to your happiness.

We are all born with flexible happiness. The good news is that we can teach ourselves to raise this team. Scientists believe that half of our happiness is genetically programmed, but the other half is from the characteristics of life such as marital status, education, spirituality and how we look at the world. Unexpectedly, many are the income that has very little correlation with happiness.

How important is happiness? There are social, emotional, and physical benefits of being happy. Happier people look at the brighter side of life; They are considered to be more effective, creative, open minded, flexible, more grateful and expressing greater appreciation.

From a social point of view, happy people are sought after and have more opportunities. People just seem to be around happy people. There are physical benefits to be happy too. Congratulations to people tend to have: less stress, better treatment, stronger immune systems, reduced risk of heart disease, increased well-being, less fatigue / higher energy, better self-esteem, more stable mood, more balanced relationships and better overall health.

So are you ready to try to be happier? I am listing a few methods that you can try. Through exercise you can increase your happiness. You might be doing many of these things already. If so, we try to make them more stable or add some new habits. Some of these ideas may seem easy and familiar; others may be uncomfortable and new.
– Look for solutions (stay the action)
– Think ahead, set goals
– Find joy in
– Find a precious lesson for each shock,
– Focus on what's happening possible, not wrong
– focus on the big picture and make little strides to get there,
– know your values ​​and live with them,
– know what you're passionate about and build In your week,
– For each "Way I Think", change your perception and create "
– Surround yourself with positive people,
– Change your negative self-esteem (it means to get stuck in your head ),
– restrict your media time (news are negative)
– Have Best Friends,
– Love Your Friends More Than You Hate Your Enemies,
– Be Aware And Consciously
– Read Books
– Identify Your 3 Strengths and Plan To Use Each This Week,
– Give Thanksgiving,
– Do A Random Kindness,
– Be Generous and Altruistic ( with money, time and support),
– practice positive confirmation,
– practice
– laugh

– leave outside,
– take action, do something,
– slow down perceive little things,
– each day commit to being happy.

Happiness is a mindset, how we look at our past, present and future. Make sure you take the gratitude to enjoy the moment and anticipate potential events. Take regular time to consider things for which you are grateful. Look for a positive side of events and be grateful to them. Down enough to experience the moment and their little pleasure and focus on what you are doing. Enjoy every experience as you have it. And take a moment to look forward to something in the future; expect something and enjoy your expectation.

Review a list of ways to increase your happiness looking for things you can do. What can you do today? Also decide one action for tomorrow and one for later this week. Take care of these three behaviors and choose three more. Go out and have fun, really use your experience and find meaning in them. Continue to polish your happiness and reap the benefits of being happy.


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