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Auftrag tactics, also known as & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; Mission-type tactics & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; (or "Control Control" in the United States or Business Strength) is a key factor in German military technology since the 19th century. century 1.

In campaign technology, the leader led leaders clearly defined goals and the forces needed to achieve the goal with a timeframe where the goal will be achieved. Subordinate leader then implements the order independently. Subordinate leader is largely granted [[initiative]] and freedom in implementation as

enables flexibility. To succeed in projects related to tasks, it is especially important for subordinate leaders to understand the understanding of the instructions and to get appropriate guidance and to be trained so that they can change independently. Contrary to project management technology, government and government are used by US forces.

Following the great defeat of Prussia at Jena-Auerstadt by Napoleon, the Prussians resumed their occupation, and as a key element of building a university military capability, the main occupants, opposed to an individual genius who had listened to them.

In addition to achieving good performance within the German military, the role of the main employee was to ensure that each unit could and perform its tasks. After the First World War, this monitoring, training and training role was based on the trust, ability and understanding of all German after the war 4000 strong officers, who realized.

Excellence in this case is partly derived from the tradition of Scharnhorst, Carl von Clausewitz and Helmuth von Moltke, an elder, based on the assumption that strict rules had no place in a warlike environment that was the realm of human feelings, friction, opportunity and uncertainty. Under the Auftragstaktik system, the choice of combat forms, as well as their path and priorities were based on the special role of the unit, the landscape and the enemy, something that Napoleon was also known to do.

Erst Wegen, dann car.

– Helmuth von Moltke

This flexibility suggests effective control is building trust, skill and understanding. possible when this new synthesis is created. To this end, the German chief executive officer is headed by a head of state and an external official of the NCO between different branches of the military. It was therefore not unusual to find an amour boss with experience of artillery and footsteps control. Likewise, NCOs, with tactical experience, assured that these united weapon teams would operate and operate in an integrated manner.

As can be seen from the above, it may be difficult to define an auftragstaktik theory, as it is sometimes more important to explain what is not done. The success of the theory rests on the recipient of orders that understand the understanding of the issuer of the orders and work to achieve their goals, even if their actions violate other instructions or instructions they had received. Obviously taking risks by violating previously defined restrictions as a common step to accomplish a task is the behavior that is easiest to hold on to a particular type of innovative culture. This culture is often one linked today with elite units and not a whole army.

Auftragstaktik encourages executives to show initiative, flexibility and improvisation during the management. In what may be surprising, Auftragstaktik makes it possible for executives to disobey instructions and review their impact as long as the captain's intention is maintained.

Analysis of the US Army in Polish September 1939 The German Campaign in Poland found that "The focus of the Germans on the leadership and entrepreneurs' leadership in management on annual preparatory training received a prize in the Polish campaign. With confidence that these principles had been justified, all executives, from top to bottom echelons, perform their tasks or meet changes in circumstances with at least interference with senior executives. "They acknowledge that" initiative, flexibility, and mobility "were essential elements of German technology.

1. On well-known Wikipedia Wikipedia you can find a very clear description of the Auftrag tactics.

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