How to change life and still like yourself

For some silly reasons, we have as humans decided that we may abuse ourselves when we think it is correct. One of the most common times this happens is when we find that we want to create a new habit, just 10 minutes into a new habit, we find ourselves again doing the opposite. For some reason, we have decided that in this case it's ok to abuse us by telling us how much of our space we are.

Somewhere in our development, we've decided it's okay to abuse us, but it's okay that somebody else can do us. WHY … Well, I'm here to say that's not ok, and you no longer have to do this … Yes, I give you permission to stop abusing you.

Know in advance that you will get in touch

The funny thing about all this is that before we even start trying to form a new habit, we already know that at some point we will discover that we'll be watching. We already know this, so why do we have to abuse ourselves in that process.

If you want to quit smoking and find yourself 20 minutes later with a smoke in your hand then you have a decision to make, stop or continue smoking. Imagine that you will trace and that is fine if you do. Wow, this is great. It's okay if I get it done.

But instead, we decide to abuse himself

Instead of changing our thoughts or putting out the cigarette we decided to tell us how much looser we are, we can not do anything right , we are It's worthless, we could also give up now.

What opportunities do we have when we respond in this way?

When we abuse this way, our mind and body react to these thoughts, it will not be a coincidence that these new practices you want to create on the wish list. Remember, we always want to be right, and because our mind always wants to be right too. So when we say we're lost because we can not create this new habit, our mind will find ways to do it true, so to surrender to us by proving we can not change habits, one is way to resolve this conflict.

Learn to Thank You instead of Abusing You

The way to change your habit is to thank you instead of abusing you. So, instead of abusing you, start by thanking you when you find that you are doing the opposite of this new custom you want to create.

When you want to create a new habit of smoking for example, and you will find yourself 30 minutes later with a cigarette in your mouth, you have the opportunity to thank you. Instead of calling yourself losing, instead of telling yourself you can not stop smoking, learn to thank you. Tell your body to thank you, say your mind, thanks for everything you need to do.

Thank you for remembering that you are trying to form a new habit. Your mind wants to be right will love that you thanked your own body simply to remember that you wanted to create this new habit. So next time your mind sees you are doing the opposite of this new practice, it will happily help you. Because, because your mind is not beginning to abolish that process, you start to feel like you realize you're human and it's okay to be successful sometimes.

Remember that it's ok to keep track of creating a new routine with a proper self-esteem when we discover the path. By doing this, your mind will happily try to assist you through the process that, in fact, your mind will follow you dominant thinking. If controlling your thoughts is how much you appreciate yourself because you are creating a new habit and you love to be reminded of this new action and because your mind follows your predominant thinking, the following positive thoughts are sometimes get you


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