How to say no about pressure technology when you are not carrying information

What did you do when you're facing high pressure sales conditions and you're not ready to deal with it? Let's face it, today, it's even harder than ever to prevent those who could use the lack of knowledge and wishes. You will see this type of activity in many different areas of your life, but today we will talk about the home business sector.

I've been through the online business for a few years and it was not until recently (last year) that I finally got it and started to grow my business right.

It's easy for me to say that there was a lack of knowledge but the reality is, it was weakness.

What happens when you are in high pressure sales have you actually allowed those who make sales to control you or your power. Have you ever walked away from sales and felt great to have a deep regret later? This is because you gave your authority to others at work. By allowing this person to make a decision for you.

You may be asking me now, but I'll share an example to describe my case. A few years ago I attended a course with one of my friends. The seminar was electric and then I found myself wanting to attend the next course they were selling. I did not have a conflict at the time but the presenter was not worried if I had the funds available, it was only about getting me to buy the next seminar. At that time, I did not realize this.

When he asked us to call our credit card companies and ask for a credit rating, we could get into this course that would teach us what we needed to do it all back. I called.

The next seminar, to my great surprise, was simply a leader in another seminar!

It was at this point that I started to see that I had to make some changes in my life.

The thing about making changes although it takes more than just thinking about making changes, it actually takes care of them.

So, how do you say no to pressure technology when you're not carrying information? You ask yourself 2 simple questions:

1. Can I afford it?

2. What is the "real" or "true" cost of this investment?

If you can not answer these 2 questions, you should always have no.

The seller will use the urgency to convince you to "buy now" to help you realize that it is not time to consider the answers to these two questions listed above. The seller will try to use your feelings against you. In the case of home-based business, the seller may suggest that this is an investment in yourself and your family. The seller could use these or similar emotional calls so your decision no longer depends on answering these 2 questions but based on strong desire for change.

The change will come for you, but in order for this change to come, you need to strengthen yourself to make good business decisions that take into account the questions listed above. You should always start with what you can afford and know the true cost of the investment.


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