How to turn resistance into personal strength

There was a point in my life when it looked like everything was going wrong and it seemed like one bad lead to another bad thing in an endless cascade of bad karma. I continued to punish the question: Why me? Or why does this always happen to me and not someone else? I tortured myself by recovering from previous mistakes, and I spent countless hours working on what I should have done, and I constantly stole myself on these questions and self-determination. I always hit the rock bottom with this kind of thinking and I did not know until I hit a rock that such thinking only works to show more pain, lost chance and bad luck in my life. To make a financial analogy to my experience, I had actually driven into the earth with emotional debt and ended up bankrupt.

A Turning Point

After looking down on a rock bottom, I finally realized that I showed my own "bad luck" or negative karma by concentrating on my own negative plans and not taking responsibility for my life. I had relinquished all the controls I had about my life and my destiny by teaching others and taking the role of "the victim." I was trying to manage the unmanageable environment I was in, and when I could not control, I felt helpless and weak.

It was then that I realized that I had little or no control over the environment in which I was. I could not control unexpected events that happened in my life nor could I control another thinking idea. I realized that I was no different than anyone else in this regard. It did not just happen to me – the same things were happening to everyone around me in any way, shape or picture. The difference was that I was taking these events personally and spending my most time and energy to show negative intentions, rather than to continue my life.

Responsibility for Your Life

With great research and my own experience, the science of success is not really complicated. I do not think anyone can argue the fact that everyone will at some point experience adversity. Those who unbelievably fail in the game called life are those who are stuck in the past, always blaming others for their misfortune and playing part of the victim. While it may reduce some pain experienced at the time, it is also very disempowering because it understands you helpless and does not control your own life. While you can not change the fact that negative events affect your life at some point, you can change how you personally look after these negative experiences.

Now, some people say to emphasize good things in all bad situations. I personally find it difficult to do because by nature, some events are so bad that it may not be good at that position or it might be so painful that it's too impossible to see. Instead, I trust to analyze the situation by asking yourself the question: "What lesson can I extract this experience that will help me in the future?" Using previous negative learning experience, you actually get victimized and get yourself in an independent training mode when using this negative experience in a useful learning tool that can be used positively towards your own growth and development.

So, for example, say that your personal relationship ended in a way that was less enjoyable. Anyone who is destined to fail in life would teach the other person to destroy the relationship or to their victims. This negative manifestation of emotional energy only adds bad luck to karma's individuality because they are so focused on teaching and transferring responsibility for losing all the opportunities for the good things that inevitably lead . It's absolutely the rule to get more of what you focus on in life. In the same example, one who has the ability to succeed in life will look at the same circumstances and say, "Yes, break up sucked, but what I learned from it was x, y, z." This strengthens because now the person is taking responsibility for his / her own lives and applying these other negative events to a lesson that will help the future. Just remember that you have little or no control over your environment, but you have all the control over how you deal with that environment. Very well-behaved people keep and practice their own internal controls when the environment strikes them down. However, the people who fail in life lose their power to control their own thoughts and focus on the worthlessness of managing their unmanaged environment.

Key Points:

o Accept the fact that you do not control your environment or anyone else. All you control is how you see yourself when the uncontrolled environment affects your life.

o Remember that pain, anger and negative feelings harm you more than anyone else around you.

oBlaming only turns you into the helpless victim and it turns the other into a villain. Although this could ease the pain at the beginning, it hurt your ability to continue to achieve viable solutions.

o Stop being a victim and take responsibility for your life and the actions that you make.

o Do not beat yourself emotionally due to mistakes made in the past. Mistakes are how we learn and grow as individuals. Instead, reduce the lessons from the mistakes that can be applied to your future.


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