Imagine it!

How much shock would it be for you to realize that in order to get everything that could ever be in the world, you just have to do it?

Seems simple and unrealistic, is not it? The truth about the matter is that you can have something you want by simply intending to get it. Let's basically start using this "available" technology and learn why it's so powerful.

Anything you always do in the world – at least while you're aware – is done because you're going to do it first. Human beings are beings with full control over our bodies and we decide what happens and what does not. Clearly – and thankfully – this does not apply to things like breathing, the management of our internal organs, and other independent processes. It is possible to control those things, but it is a challenge for the second time.

Let's just agree that if we decide to stand up, put, write a letter, drink a drink, go for a bike, buy a cup of coffee, have a pizza, take a nap, play a video game. … the list goes on and over again. All of this would be done because we made a conscious decision to do them – we meant them to happen.

Just easy to follow so far, but drop the screw into a monkey. If you can do anything you can imagine – and manage to pull it off – why can not you be rich? Why can not you suppose to have perfect health? Why can not you have enough personal life?

The answer is simple – you can! However, since you have not seen this amazing power designed to do anything other than allowing you to manage your daily life, you have trouble believing it's capable of so much more than that. There is trouble – you do not believe it, so you do not realize that simply by simply thinking it will happen!

Thus, you must train yourself to believe in the power of intention by practicing it. You are already proficient in using this power to accomplish daily tasks, so let's take it to another – despite credible points.

Select 7 things you know with 100% confidence you can do, but you do not already do it. Here are some examples, though you should come up with ideas that suit your particular circumstances. Also, this should be a part that can be done in a short period of time, usually within one day. The idea here is to train you to believe that you can use this amazing power effort.

I'm going out of the house at the right time today and not running late. I'm going to have a smile for every person I see at work today. I will be stuck in my email or voicemail today. I'm going out for at least 30 minutes today to get some sun or some fresh air. I'm going to think of something that makes me happy on my home screen today. I will show my gratitude and my children today. I'm going to sleep at the right time tonight and get at least 7 hours sleep.

Are you starting to see the point of this exercise? None of these things are very difficult and none of them is very time consuming either. Indeed, most people will not take you anytime. However, each of them represents something that you usually do not reach in a consistent way, anytime on a daily basis.

By looking at the moment, the positive effect that really makes these things will happen in your life is the attention project for you to believe that all of this will happen and then follow that intention.

By this you have shown that you have the power – with little or no time spent – to do things you would otherwise never have done. By intending to do this, and then observing your intention, you have begun to develop trust in your skills to control your life and to make things happen simply by believing that they happen.

Now that your "training" is over, go to something bigger. Do not intend to raise your voice at home or at work for 5 days straight. Looking to watch 30 minutes less of TV in the same 5 days. Intend to come up 10 minutes earlier for each of these 5 days. Imagine boasting your children or your spouse of something for 5 consecutive days. Intend to drink 1 cup of caffeine or sugar-filled drinks every 5 days.

Now judge what you've achieved in just 5 days: Between just a few moments and just limiting your TV show, you've added 200 minutes to your life that you can do whatever you want to do. You have become a funeral person to stay at home and at work, and your family loves all the compliments you have been with. You have deleted 5 cups of caffeine or 5 cups of diabetes that cause sugar from your diet.

You've finished everything in just 5 days! If you can do all this in just 5 days, imagine what you can do by using the power to gain wealth, overcome personal limitations, or simply enjoy your life. Practice it every day, every week, every month, and every year. You can literally achieve everything you can imagine by simply thinking that it will happen. The power is unlimited, like what you're going to do with it!

By the way, a few minutes ago, you were going to read this. Now look at how much better when you are!


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