Importance of authority through education

Going to college, regardless of background, in my opinion should be as controlled as the financial system. University is so important to assist young people in formulating their ideas about themselves and life. That's why I am and will continue to be president of higher education. I believe that higher education is so important now that it should help "knock on the fiery urgent now". Dr. Martin Luther King made these words famous and I especially believe in education. I want to express all those who "I can" attitude along with some real knowledge of the world and the possibility of mobility up to now is what education does by strengthening itself.

Simply the "I can" attitude one can fulfill the prophecy. If you believe in yourself and can see yourself doing what others may think of the impossible then it alone can give you perseverance to go up every day and strive to go to college. When I was in college I would surround myself with people who only thought of graduating so that they can get a good job and climb the ladder. This catchy idealism kept me at college and would help me believe "I can" graduate. Having this unit of mindset also allowed for varied ideas of life and how to navigate it in college and after graduation.

Apart from the thought "I have to graduate to get a good job" college allowed me to begin to understand life. I would have a chance in lessons to share my life with experience to other students. I realized that my experience was mostly the perfect contrast from the 500 people in lecture. However, I found that by listening and engaging in discussion, I allowed myself to see things with the eyes of others; some of whom I spoke good and others differently. The feeling of knowing that I was taking a course that would enrich my life was pleasing in itself.

Although I have gained course of culture and education, I always believed that this $ 60,000 education would provide a considerable amount of workers and allow mobility upside down. As it did, but not only did it open its eyes towards a good white collar job, it also opened my eyes to the idea of ​​free business and entrepreneurship.

To conclude that intensity through education is absolutely important, it helps to promote an "I can" attitude, it helps young people understand the different circumstances of life and helps to open the door for mobility up to now. I wrote this article because I know education is allowed to allow me to own and run commercial and internet. I want all young men in upper secondary schools and elsewhere to take care of the "burning urgent issue now" because it involves the need for education for all of this country.


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