In search of happiness

If you try hard to be happy, you just will not be successful! Of course, nobody wants to be unhappy or lousy, but most of us end up taking the wrong way in life, in search of happiness just by mistaking our minds. We limit ourselves so much that the limits we set ourselves are too high and we must believe that we must achieve our goals before we can be happy.

It's an old old saying … if I do this, I'll be happy if I get it, I'll be happier if I realize what I want from life, I'll be happy with my contribution and so forth . But there are not many of us who really sit and see what we are doing by setting the conditions for themselves in search of happiness.

From experience, I know this is not something we intentionally do. If I had known where I was going wrong when I suffered from severe clinical depression, I'm sure I'd sorted myself a lot sooner, there's no question about that. But I did not know what I did and it certainly knew I could not fix myself right away.

I woke up every morning as a teenager with a desire. A desire to be someone other than the one I was. I wanted to be a happy man, carefree and happy with life without trouble both financially and emotionally. If I wanted to wish for a shooting star, or blew the "fairies" of mom, the black cat across the road or even made the wish of the chicken break, I was one of my wishes, each time just being happy. 19659002] The thing is that we forget now we forget we forget what we have and forget to stop and explain where we are in life and exactly what we have achieved at this point. Blindly, we continue and continue to grind us in the ground and look forward to our happiness in one day, we will stop looking back and realizing that we have truly lived our lives but we are still unhappy. Instead, in our quest to find things that make us happy, we simply left what really makes us happy to go with us without confirmation.

The case with happiness indeed everyone wants it and nobody really knows the secret why some are happy and others do not. A theoretical study of depression is purely a prerequisite. Nobody really knows why one person is depressed and another is not because drugs work for one person, but not another and why intellectual behavioral treatment works well for one, but would not necessarily match the next.

Finally, in all the conferences I have received, whose meetings have overheated, I am counting on myself; That's why I'm accounting for my happiness. I'm the one who needs to figure out what causes me. I'm the one who needs to understand why I'm crying. I am the one who has to deal with dissatisfaction and I am the one in search of my happiness because only I know what will make me happy.

Do you want to be happy is catching. Everyone wants to be happy. The way we feel when we are happy, how we respond to happiness and how we already have happiness is far more our choice than to find the opposite.

When you laugh, the laughs are catching, when you smile, the smile is catching and when you're happy, the desire to feel happy is also catching. So maybe the answer is this; if we all stop trying so hard to be happy, would we find it more often?

Ask yourself these questions, honestly. Are you trying too hard? If the answer is yes, maybe you're too happy with yourself? Ask yourself, is it happiness you want or are you just in love with the idea of ​​happiness?

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