Is education enough to strengthen women

In recent years, we have seen significant reforms in women's education in India. More and more women are coming out of houses and opting for education in India. That is why we see a lot of women in top positions in India. They have made a significant recovery in all areas. Today we see women in education, in government, in teaching, in research and in forces. Today, they are CEOs of the largest companies. They are running a successful business.

But here's the question of promoting women brought someone else a recovery in the real life of the woman. The answer is no to this question. Women are still under severe discrimination in India, whether they are educated or not. Let's give you an example by sharing the true story of Miss Sharma's lecturer in college and Rani (both changed names). Mrs. Sharma is very professional and she works with beautiful money. Her salary is more than her husband. Because Rani is uneducated women and receives some money from selling vegetables. Her husband sells fish and usually gets her.

Mrs. Sharma, even after being educated and earning handsome money, has no key role in key decisions at home. Her advice was never sought after anyone. All decisions are made by their husband alone. Whether it's a decision to buy a TV, a washing machine or a microwave. She is only a watcher. Even she has no control over her salary. She has to ask her husband for money. Not only matters related to money but also key issues such as education of children or buying homes are taken by their husband alone. She was only lowered to the puppet. Do you expect this kind of state of educated women? But this is a reality with many educated women in India.

Wherever Rani is illiterate and gets less. Yet she has full control over her family. She makes all the most important decisions at home. She buys or saves. Her husband gives all her money to her. She completely controls everything. She is not the only decision-maker, but she has a big word. Her husband respects her decisions. Not only in her home, she also participates in major activities on the spot. Her advice is always crazy. She was known for her talent to effectively manage her family. She is a model for many women like her.

Why this difference exists. An educated woman is unable to make even her decisions and a pregnant woman who takes not only her decision but also decisions for hundreds of others. Is there anything wrong with education? Obviously, the problem is with the self-esteem of education. Education is one way of gaining trust and financial independence. But this is not all. However, we can change our education system to make it more friendly and trustworthy. We should also encourage our girlfriend to come out and make the decisions from childhood itself and not make decisions about it. We should give a deep look in this matter and work for better women's development. We should work on other factors, but not education to improve women's condition.


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