Is there a difference between love and passion?

People like delimiting love and desire but they are actually two sides of the same money. I like to say that my ex-husband and I fell in love. We could not hold our hands between and even three months before I left the relationship (almost 35 years), we just want to look at each other and want to get the sack – and it's in our 50s! It was a very powerful feeling of attraction and desire, but I felt that too much frustration had occurred, as well as other unacceptable behaviors, and I decided with great peace of mind to leave it. However, I noticed that these strong physical feelings were not fluke. They were also present, in different ways, with the next two people in my life.

It has forced me to conclude that the desire is necessary to love. It does not matter to each other, except in cases where there is only a desire and no development, anybody in the co-operation is resistant to commitments or does not feel as strong. Wherever the emotion is mutual, there is real love on the horizon. There is a lack of commitment and fear of the future that stops developing further, because it is no more emotion than to demand a person deeply and oppose it.

Value of Judgments

Many who are uncertain about themselves, insecure in their expectations, narrow in the definition of love and highly governed, prefer to distinguish between love and lust. They often use the value of reviews to imply that some candles are less valuable to our reactions than love and can not be trusted. But what relationship that begins without this lover will not have much to maintain when the original attraction gets. When we want someone, we want to share our business in every way, and as often as possible. Lust before love and when they are both allowed to take their courses, as I realized three times in my life, it's simply a scary and overwhelming experience.

When two men meet, if it does not really matter, then physical things go soon, which eventually ends up with the relationship. Lust prepares us for a long time of commitment, but love takes us further down when we know our partners better and feel emotionally in line with them. It then strengthens attraction and sets us down to enjoy mutual trust, high levels of sex and even more enjoyable relationships.


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