Joy is just being yourself

Truly, the essence of our being – in the heart and soul – is all of us joy.

To be happy, we just need to be true to who we really are; to follow our hearts, so to speak.

Very simple but not necessarily easy, as most of us grow up being taught to be our self, not to follow our hearts, we have spent many years to perfect it!

As with everything, the first (and most important) step is awareness.

Purpose of the Week

This week is the intention to become aware of what you want. Not what your ego wants, not what your family and friends want, not what you think you should want, but what you really want in your heart and soul – at the heart of your being.

Simple Strength

Asking these questions helps us rebuild us with our desire to be the joy we are, instead of being illuminated in the false wishes of the self, such as being right , to succeed or get our own way.

How do they feel when they adapt? How does it feel when they are not aligned?

  1. When no happy emotion arises, quit a moment and ask: "Is this what I really want? What do I really want?"
  2. Begin to notice when your thoughts and actions are in line with what you really want and when they are not correct.
  3. Stop thinking about your feelings and use them as a guide to how you have the true self. Use "negative" feelings as a signal to bring your attention back to what you want. While this awareness can not spoil you immediately, it will at least help you, as you are now on your way to joy. As long as you continue to face what you really want you can not but end up with joy!

This step is not about judging your actions, thoughts or feelings. Judgment is a big part of us and is not a joy we are. These measures are simply about bringing more awareness about your life about what you really want.

Although simple, they can also be very effortless. Why not try them out for one week and see what differences they do in your life?


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