Keys of life – how to be happy

As a coach for many years now, I have come to terms with the concepts and tools needed to create a happy life. This information is not just a textbook, it's real and I'm proud to say that I'm making the most of the positive way that both my clients and my children will keep real benefits in the future.

So what is the message I share? What are the tools I hire? And what is the language that I keep for a healthy mind? There are many imaginative ideas that can be created within the home to create awareness, and these examples seem to work for us, not always right away, but I'm sure they will play in a positive way in the future. When you explain each product individually, they may seem too simple to matter, even when they are in touch with the full understanding of the technology that they start making much more sense.

So why are people so unhappy? Why do we hear that 1 in 4 Australians are clinically depressed? This article would be too long if I were to cover all the reasons but I will try to deal with their number.

1. We ate together.

There are so many things around us that make our lives "easier" and give us more free time: …. DVD players, washing machines, fancy cars, playgrounds, etc. Since we have more free time, these material things help us fill our days, enable us to "look good" and possibly temporarily happy and give us more important information about someone else's not.

So what happens to the people who do not have any or all of these items? Children want what others have and feel that it will make them and their lives more interesting and enjoyable. We want all things. We do not need them, we just want them. We want them because our friends appear happier and we want to be part of it. So we look up and we look at what we do not have that equate. It's this vacuum that gives us the feeling of not being done and we think we can not be happy. How often is the downside? How often do we stop saying, "I'm so happy to be free and can play with my children in the yard", "I'm so happy I'm alive and eat food on the table." "I'm so happy I'm healthy and not in a hospital from cancer."

I constantly remember that my children can not only appreciate what they have, but to create a program of everything they appreciate. The gratitude list can be as simple as "I appreciate calling from my friend earlier today". We need to balance our comparator. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the community to become wealthy and the media control what we are told to think. We must start working hard on this. We must start playing the life play so that it begins to work in our favor because when I look around the number of overweight, depressed people and the state of this planet we are losing battle.

What else do I do to make my children aware? For years, I have told my children to turn off the ads on television. Marketers who create these ads are much better than we are. They use a smart positive organization to sell their products regardless of what or how it affects our comparative situation. They use ankles and use us to soften our brains.

I have a sign of the house and tried to create a balance. Small posters that say things like "Week does not need", "A month now!", "Do not complain about it, edit it or fix it", "The situation must be either deal or approved Why make it a problem ? There are NO problems in NOW. "These signals encourage discussion and subliminal changes in my children's lives.

2. We have an idea of ​​what success is.

Many in the West believe that success is a house, car, money and assets. You do not have to look far at statistics to find that financially wealthy are not necessarily happier than those with a less financial way and are financially challenged. Who was saying:
"Today we have more professionals than more problems, more drugs than less well-being. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our value."
Bottom line, happiness has little to do with money. That's our state of mind. I remember when I was in my youth thinking that if I had enough money just for transport on my bus, I would be so happy. Then I became older and all at once, that was not enough, I wanted a car, etc. You know what I mean. Look around you, see how much you have, it's based on need or want. Remember how happy you were when you only have a few boxes in your life, not a luggage. Then you start filling it with content. Did it make you happier? Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a success. It's empty and missing value. And it never ends. This path will be constantly fed by trying to get somewhere, and people do not realize there is nowhere to get. We are making dreams of "someday one day". When I finally arrive at my BMW, I will go camping with my family. When I only get $ x, I will start a family, When I finally release 7kilo, I will be happier with my weight. Time is now, right now. This moment. Do not wait, do it now. Go on that trip, join the needy children, do what you've always said you wanted to do. Help them less privileges. Just remember that you have food in the fridge, clothes on your back, roof over your head and sleeping space, you're richer than 75% of this world. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet and keep changing your dish somewhere, you're among the world's largest 8%. Success is to find your own passion, discover what you want to do with your life and go 200% for it. Do not do what others tell you. Start today. Learn about yourself, then create an amazing opportunity for yourself.
Life is beautiful and the universe is perfect in every way. All you have to do is let you see how beautiful things are, how wonderful you are and start becoming part of what's already perfect.

3. Communication:

You do not have to go back for years to see how communication has changed. Think back in the days when you walk by the street, take public transport and people would say "Gday" "Lovely Day" etc. In nominal terms, it does not mean much, but this is the game of life we ​​are not playing anymore. We prefer to sit against a computer, reply to email, play video games, swim in our swimming pools at home, watch TV, etc., left to interact with our own "little voice". Indeed, with the 50,000 thousand thoughts we have every day, it seems that we are spending more and more "ALONE". Now it would be ok if our inner communication was open to new ideas, with the potential to create new ideas and important things in life. However, the internal throat is so limited and so molded by our clever governments and ad networks, we have no chance. That's because we only work from what we know and we do not know. There has been no room for everything we do not know we do not know. We can only access these blind spots in our lives if we have other people to expose them. We can only get it by being present to our voices. We can only get it from others. If you have a conversation with the old woman on a bus, imagine what pearls of wisdom you could get from her. Or that gem of the person we chat with while waiting for the basket in the supermarket. We have been all the way to the moon and again, but having trouble crossing the street to meet our neighbor. We have bought space but not internal space. We need to get back to basics and start talking. We will all begin to discover that almost everyone in the universe wants the same things and generally think similar thoughts. We all want to be happy. 

I'm constantly chatting with people, smiling as I pass people and I let my kids see it, we talk it constantly and make interesting places about what's going on. Continue to talk about the terms of how people try to "look good and try to avoid seeing bad" and all about "life." Remember, your kids do not get education about "life" from school as they spend most of their days. Do not forget that you have not received education at school about life. So learn, get education and start educating your children. It will help them with their health, relationships and traditional education.

I urge you to think that life is beautiful and note that we have learned to live but not life and we have added life to our lives, not our lives.

What I do:

Among other things, I give face to face life training in Melbourne Australia. I'm constantly making a difference in people's lives. I know 5 minutes before I die I have not thought about the house or car I did or did not have, but I will be smiling in the thought of many people who have been positively affected by my life. It's the most rewarding life I could lead and I could always do it.


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