Life as a network of happiness

There is constant competition in the animal world. Well, we are expensive (not? – yes), and we compete with each other, unconsciously, but we always do.

There are two key assumptions that we, ourselves, encountered that define us to "be smart". One thing is education else is wisdom. The second is usually given. It evolves, but it is a kind of natural talent, which is either or not – simple.

There are plenty of people who are well educated in history, art, even science, but I am. And you know what, every relationship, any communication is a competition. The majority of people exchange knowledge, but NOT for change because of competition (no? – yes).

Everyone (virtually everyone) is inclined to truly believe that S / HE is "one". Whether it's right, knowing better or even more meaningful in life than other men – everyone is inclined to believe that S / HE is this unique being.

Sometimes, often, I met people, other people. Some people I met immediately start competing with me (in the form of "broken knowledge"). Sometimes I can work, sometimes I can not. But most of the time, no matter whether I can work or not, I just let them work – they need it, they want it, it goes in and meets them with confidence and superiority, so why not make them "happy" – I Let them be – I'll make them.

This does not apply to all "min" environments. At work I can not lose, I just can not – very simple reason – my labor costs are commensurate with the amount of "wins". But it is very different in reality (yes, reality does not work). Why should I try, or spend time working "in real life? There are many more fun things to do.

The problem is with this and the problem is "superior". Not the actual "superiority", but the fake advantage that I provide many with. They feel better, and the next time we get to the communication center – they use the "bottom bottom" approach, instead of "one to one" or "same level to the same level". There's nothing wrong with them – they're just "not given" or "not talented", so I keep them working – make them happier. It's also a problem when other animals (men) participate in relationships that just make a common sense of me as a character. It is resolved by sharing people with the level of "self-happiness".

Have your own happiness? Common people, you do not know the terms !? Well after all my terms 🙂 So .. Here you can work – a very simple and honest approach that I take. I eliminate (do not stop, but just eliminate) creatures from my network (in real life – no network of work) with very clear assumptions. Beings that make me happy (happy, positive, etc.) Stay online and grow roots – non-connected people (which is actually elimination).

"Life is short"? I disagree. Life is alive – I do not believe the issues that explain 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a sheet of paper, a sheet of paper can be applied to life. Time is what we found and what we use to measure things – very inaccurate and very subjective, do not you agree? You do not? – Well, you do not have to – we are different differently. Thus, life can not be measured by Time, it is still faith that says life is "singular on me" (and I have only one life), keep in mind why I would need people who did not I'm happy in my network? Why? I do not do it – I have only one life – at least I am bound by the "sense of humor" understanding. I can dream / imagine it's more "me" life, but at this point I know it's singular, so – "out of my network" – there's no doubt that a creature is there "

It may sound like a very heartless approach, but it's really quite the opposite. There are lots of creatures that keep me in their network because I make them happy and they do not have to do anything, if I make them happy that 95% means I'm happy just because I make them happy. "Make me happy" is not Sultanic or Tsar's approach: "Give me this", "do it for me" or "make me wish" – usually it's "just being there." It's mostly the existence and the nature of this existence that makes me happy.

Do not you think there are too many "happy" in the above two / three thoughts? Well, you're very noticeable, but there's nothing wrong with being happy and being happy and being happy again – try it – that's great!

Do not try to give all of the above meaning if all of the above does not make you meaningful – that means you just do not have that talent, and that's okay. Continue and continue "exciting knowledge". However, if it happens inside and "you can find what I mean," it just means you're another talented creature who's able to listen to "them" work and build a good, honest and sincere network around you .

Sounds like songs are written as I speak? Yes – and that's my law – I create it, write it, I rewrite it and I obey it. It's mine – you do not have to 🙂


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