Lightworker's Empowerment

If you are a winner and have decided to dedicate your life to serving the highest quality of all, then you are love.

What is your cause? It would be your highest way and purpose. It's a complex blend of foco and talents that create a desire to help the world. You decide where your love emphasizes and who he decides to help. Helping people in the third world is great, but not necessary. Your love may be the one who focuses on curing suffering around this part of the world or giving people traffic here, which of course helps people cure or raise the vibration on earth in a different way. It all goes, so how you do it is not as important a question and that's what calls you.

Your love needs power to be successful; It requires creative power of money as well as skills and connections. Your love needs to be effective; it needs nourishing energy money as well as support for love, relaxation and play for its main advocate. Without these, your love is nowhere to go.

When you sell products for more than you want to do, you're doing what a charity would do: raise money by changing a case. The market is designed so that the value created can yield value in the form of money; but sometimes this system does not work perfectly, so it's up to you to find ways to fill the need for money when your value creation does not give you as much as you need to work for your charity, be it his presence or be it her creative power. Sell ​​your services first to people who can buy at a price that will meet your needs, and you can focus on areas that could not necessarily bring a monetary return. That is, take away where money is enough first, and then give where it is not.

Are you responsible manager of your own personality? Do you keep it happy and in good shape? Or are you trying to create, create, live without easy reflux that will meet your needs?


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